High Ground Gear Carl Gustav Round Pouch

High Ground Gear has developed a pouch designed specifically for 84mm Carl Gustav rounds.


-1/4″ Padding protects warhead and firing pin so rounds work as advertised
-Instant-access grab-tab and twin zippers provide immediate opening for faster reloads
-Will hold following rounds: HE, HEDP, SMOKE, ADM
-External webbing to attach accessories

Available in MultiCam, Coyote Tan, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and (egad!) even UCP.


One Response to “High Ground Gear Carl Gustav Round Pouch”

  1. ramcd says:

    What’s the physical exterior dimentions of this pack?

    I’ve spent all morning looking for a pouch to fit a Canon 800L f/5.6 lens into that I want to strap to a Kifaru backpack.