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Magpul Manufacturing PMAGs Outside of Colorado

Making good on their promise to leave Colorado if the state adopted new laws restricting the rights of gun owners, Magpul posted a simple answer on their Facebook wall earlier this week to a rather rude inquiry by a “fan” who questioned their commitment to their cause.


Stating that PMAG production had already moved out of state, Magpul has yet to spill the beans on where they have moved but my money is on them federating production in several locations. While it may be more of a management challenge, in the long run it can lower risk of future gun legislation threatening the company.

In late April Magpul delayed the announcement of their move out of respect for the ongoing Boston Marathon bombing investigation.



9 Responses to “Magpul Manufacturing PMAGs Outside of Colorado”

  1. AlexC says:

    “Deployed’? I think you meant Delayed maybe?

    Now you have me doubting myself…

    • SSD says:

      You’re right. I typed delayed but the ghost of Steve Jobs thought it would be funny to correct my typing.

  2. Duke says:

    Someone who likely cannot even buy PMags due to ITARs calling out Magpul for their production schedule…

    …today’s dose of interweb irony.

    • Fernando says:

      Lots of assumptions made there. I guess if you went by my name only you would not only conclude I can’t buy PMAGS (which I can), but I am also in the country illegally and I am really a Mexican drug dealer. But hey, that’s today’s dose of interweb ignorance…

      • Duke says:

        “Likely”. Based upon; syntax, structure, content, spelling. “Likely” is not the same as wild assumption to the extreme of assuming racially stereotyped bias and discrimination of a name. Which leads to the topic of your hypothetical, note the ignorance was the fictional assumption in your own post. Not a counter-point, only a point of interest.

        That post on Magpul’s page has the appearance of everything I mentioned -and nothing more. A fan of Magpul, who may or may not even be able to purchase the magazines -I am *GUESSING* based upon a few available potential clues, that they are not able to own —demanding in a sour demeanor to know what Magpul is doing.

  3. Doc B says:

    So, does anyone know if Magpul actually pulled/are pulling out of Colorado, entirely, or if they merely moved production of a couple of products out to free states not yet overtaken by the lobotomy lobby?

    • Jon C says:

      Leaving Colorado totally. We have no further information to share at this time but the gears are turning and the company will announce its plans as soon as they are finalized.

  4. Reverend says:

    And considering the new products Magpul is STILL releasing this summer, I say Kudos for them for both moving, and INNOVATING at the same time!

    Carry on Magpul! You have my loyalty.

  5. Sgt B says:

    Good for them. One of my favorite companies in the weapon biz. Colorado sold their soul to the Devil, and now they will learn to live without the fine craftsmanship of Magpul and other business that help fuel this states economy. Don’t worry though, they just legalized Mary-J, soon they’ll be banning pipes and bongs because they’re the reason underage kids are getting high, not the Mary-J..