How Do You Set Up Your HSGI Sure-Grip Padded Belt?

NOLATAC Firearms Training owner Brannon LeBouef’s Sure-Grip Padded Belt from HSGI is loaded out with gear from Lancer Systems, Multitasker Tools, INFORCE, and G-Code Holsters.


Brannon uses 5 RTI wheels on his belt which allow him to quickly reconfigure his load based on the task.

How do you configure your war belt?

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2 Responses to “How Do You Set Up Your HSGI Sure-Grip Padded Belt?”

  1. HD says:

    My war belt is a TT fight light with ATS war belt insert

    from left to right when laid flat

    USGI grenade pouch w/ compass
    SpecOpsBrand double pistol mag pouch
    space (for sheath knife on LH)
    single rifle mag shingle
    Brownells Kydex earmuff belt clip
    shotshell pouch for survival kit items (small of back)
    Paraclete etrex pouch for GSW kit
    GemTech pistol lanyard attachment
    Safariland 6280 on 1.5 extension (RH)
    Benchmade safety cutter

    other than the belt, every pouch was from the garage gear bin/ from past configurations.

    (“OMG – you can’t mix Multicam, ACU, Coyote, Foliage, MJK, black, Woodland, and 3 color desert”)

    whatever. it works.

    only disliked by airsofters and the muhj.

    • Cameron says:

      From left to right as well.

      3 Fast MAGS
      2 USGI Pistol pounches mounted ontop of the 1st fast mag
      1 Tactical Tailor Fight Light Dump Pouch Mounted onto the outher two
      The back is mostly empty
      Back Right side is my IFAK
      then my SERPA quick disconnect kit. I have a serpa for my glock and my TRP.