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Constrictor Cargo System

The first thing the guys at MATBOCK ever showed me was the Constrictor Cargo System. As soon as I saw it, I knew what genius looked like. If you’ve ever had to build a pallet you know what a PITA the netting system is. The 463L cargo handling system design goes back to the 1950s and it shows. The real issue is with the HCU-7/E side net, the HCU-15/C top net, and the CGU-1/B Device or cargo straps. They can be assembled backward and take a lot of time to lay out for proper use due to the asymmetric construction of the pallet.

portrait instructions12x14

The Constrictor Cargo System is much simpler to use. Once you’ve built your pallet, you throw the bag on top of the load and pull the netting down. Then, you ratchet it tight to the pallet. No more misaligned net segments and no more tangled nets because the CCS stores in its own bag.

MATBOCK continues to work with interested companies and commands to field this system. Interested parties should visit their site for additional information.



2 Responses to “Constrictor Cargo System”

  1. Jack says:

    Pretty cool system. . . I wonder what the single pallet weight limit restriction is with this netting System. With the two side and single standard top nets it is a max gross weight limit of 10,355 lbs.

  2. Will says:

    I believe if this product was available 9 years ago and I found out that a person stood between me and it, I would have commited murder to obtain it.

    Well done MATBOCK, and just like with everything else, the new guys who get this will not appreciate the awesomeness of it, nor the frustration that caused someone to build the “better mouse trap”.