100% Cotton MultiCam Fabric


Duro has just added a new option to their lineup of MultiCam fabrics; Upsilon, a 100% Cotton material.

Finished Width – 59 inches cuttable
Finished Weight – 3.4 oz/yd² approximately
Fiber Content – 100% Cotton
Construction – 49/46 (warp/fill)

This is awesome news. Now if we can just get them to offer a 100% Cotton Rip-stop fabric.


13 Responses to “100% Cotton MultiCam Fabric”

  1. Mr. European says:

    100% cotton multicam BDUs…. Sounds comfortable. Wonder if one can order that fabric and make it into m/62s…

  2. steave says:

    Try platatac in Australia

  3. CAVstrong says:

    Am I the only one who’s never noticed black in Multicam before?

  4. reverend says:

    Nothing says “Redneck” like Multi-Cam Curtains, and Sofa covers!

    • Andrew says:

      outstanding…haha…you joke, but that is exactly what it will be used for.

    • Andrew says:

      outstanding…haha…you joke, but that’s exactly what it will be used for.

  5. Lawrence says:

    MultiCam pillow covers, bedding, pajamas, bandanas and banana hammocks…. Looks like Crye wants to be the new Jordan. 😉

  6. threeseven says:

    After ‘many’ requests… for use as ‘home decor’… where can I order a 100% cotton Multicam airsickness bag?

  7. CapnTroy says:

    Multicam skivvies FTW!

  8. KB says:

    Dang! I wanted a five yard sample, $75 for shipping!?! What is this, e-bay?!