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SOFIC – Team Wendy

It’s amazing how folks continue to use and modify their EXFIL Bump helmets that were just released just last year.


To help them along, TW has introduced an add-on Velcro kit.


But the big news is that Team Wendy has just unveiled a major new helmet system. The EXFIL LTP for Lightweight Tactical Polymer features an injection molded lightweight shell, a new rail design that will be the standard for all TW helmets in the future, and an integrated shroud with a machined aluminum insert from Wilcox Industries.




Additionally, they are introducing a new liner called Revolve. Taking technology from the HEaDS UP program, these small discs compress during impact. Think of it as a bumper crumple zone but for your head.


TW sets up arrays of these discs in three sections that Velcro into place in the helmet.


The system still uses the Cam-fit Boa system and can be retrofit into most helmets. Although, I haven’t found one yet that won’t take the TW suspension. Alternatively, TW will be offering an H-style harness for those seeking something more traditional. Since they’ve introduced so many new options they’ve loaded a suspension selection guide on their site.


Look for Revolve available in June and the EXFIL TLP in late summer.

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5 Responses to “SOFIC – Team Wendy”

  1. Reseremb says:

    EXFOL in Kryptek’s Mandrake?

  2. TCBA_Joe says:

    Am I to assume the EXFIL LTP is Team Wendy’s answer to Ops Core’s less expensive FAST Basejump?

  3. BRIAN says:

    Super high dollar air soft gear! Only wounder why they don’t make real armor/ballistic gear? Looks nice for playing soldier.

    • TCBA_Joe says:

      Seriously? There are legitimate uses to utilize non-ballistic bump helmets. SOF have been using various Pro-Tech and Ops-Core bump helmets for years for situations they don’t need ballistic helmets for.

      Those of us with personally owned NODs who don’t need ballistic protection use them to mount NVGs on as well for hunting or other non-life-threatening activities.

  4. greyghost says:

    nice kryptek noggin