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SOFIC – Paradigm SRP Take 2


In addition to the TALON stabilized weapon mount, Paradigm SRP also displayed SpecOp Shop’s SOU in the SSFN LANDCAMO ABD/SERE Combat Camouflage pattern.

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5 Responses to “SOFIC – Paradigm SRP Take 2”

  1. Stefan S says:

    Think the Velcro will give you away!

    • Jon says:

      True, they could have color-matched that a little better.
      Wonder if PenCott Quiet-loop might match this pattern?

    • Joe Walsh says:

      dont commit to a camo if yo cant commit 100%, webbing, velcro, etc.

      totally defeats the purpose with the big block of brown

  2. RockStarArtist says:

    Weird… I could have sworn I had typed a comment on this thread.

    Anyway, that Boonie Hat is interesting. I like how it has all the connector cords on it to add natural camouflage, and or any other accruements you want to attach to your head.

  3. We’re experimenting with other Velcro colors, and we also have “covers” of ABD/SERE with hook Velcro on the back to attach to the shoulder patch area. Just didn’t have them for the show.