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Sneak Peek – OTG AR Trigger Guard

Off The Grid Concepts LLC gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming trigger guard for AR-style rifles. Production variants will be CNC’d from aluminum and will be a little more rounded. And, as you will notice, it fills in the gaps left by mil-spec guards.

OTG Trigger Guard

You might notice the interesting geometry. According to OTG’s Rob Tran, “The hexed relief in the middle is a ideal point of rest for your finger during high port or if you reload muzzle up you can rest on the ledge.”


17 Responses to “Sneak Peek – OTG AR Trigger Guard”

  1. annoyed says:

    Hopefully this product will be easier to order off his website than his holsters and you won’t have to actually deal with him via email

  2. D says:

    That’s almost identical to the KAC trigger guard.

    • SSD says:

      I can see where you might think that. A couple of the flares are similar. But this one does something that the KAC doesn’t. It fills the gap.

    • Rob says:

      D, we took many careful steps to differentiate the fine work that KAC has made.
      A trigger guard can only be reasonably shaped so many ways before its gaudy looking. We decided to give it a wedged look to blend in with our Logo and typical style we implement in our products. The concept might be similar but the final execution is pretty different. Our guard fills the gap in between the dog legs and the guard itself. It will not have the winter trigger swivel feature. It also has many differnt angles which the KAC does not.
      Hope that clarifies things.

      • D says:

        The new KAC guard fills the gap.

        • Rob Tran says:

          I don’t follow KACS products that closely, I still stand behind my view that this trigger guard looks completely different than the KAC. Other than both being trigger guards they don’t have aesthetics in common.

          • Richard says:

            “we took many careful steps to differentiate the fine work that KAC has made.”


            “I don’t follow KACS products that closely…”

            Which is it?

          • Rob says:

            We don’t know of every single modification KAC has made to their trigger guards. I was not aware there was a “new” one available. The KAC trigger guard i have on hand is the “new” one and our trigger guard fills the gap better AND functions differently in regards to how you can hold your finger there for high port ready.

            The entire lower interface underneath the trigger guard is different.

  3. Rob says:

    Have you visited our website OTGHEX.COM “Annoyed”?
    Its pretty much full service. We have plenty of products and the only time you have to send emails is if you have custom work in which case… well its custom.

    • liquidflorian says:

      Yeah, I was going to say that website is flawless. His old one wasn’t that bad either.

      • Rob says:

        Not gonna lie our old site sort of sucked big ones hence the heavy investment into the new website.

  4. Anthony K. says:

    Cool guard. That little notch is smart.

    Annoyed: Sorry it turned out poorly for you. When I had a question about an order a while back, Rob himself called me on his commute to work to get my order sorted properly.

    OTG is good people.

  5. Tdoom15 says:

    I had a custom order placed with OTG a few weeks ago and rob was great in helping me get exactly what I wanted. He even went above and beyond and custom cut a SW99 key for a tlr1 to match the one I had made in order for the light to sit closer to my PPQ’s trigger guard. I ran the setup through a Travis Haley class and it worked great. It held up to the abuse of getting in and out of cars, laying prone, a 3 days of wet and mud… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  6. jim d says:

    Who puts their finger UNDER the trigger guard during reloads, or when running with the gun?

    I don’t understand the point of the cutout on it, at all.