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Demon Tactical Quick Pin


The Demon Tactical Quick Pin’s patent pending design eliminates movement between the upper and lower receiver of AR15 style firearm while also aligning the bolt carrier group with the buffer tube. The Quick Pin replaces the rear take down pin and expands inside of the upper receiver pulling it tight against the lower receiver which improves accuracy, reliability and function of the firearm.

No tools are needed to remove or install the pin once setup. Shooters can quickly remove the pin when field stripping and re-install even when wearing gloves.


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6 Responses to “Demon Tactical Quick Pin”

  1. Iceman says:


  2. Alexander says:

    Except play in the upper and lower receiver has no functional effect on the weapon system.

    Solution to a vanity problem.

    • GAK_PDX says:

      A solution to a vanity problem is still a solution!

      See: The umpteen billion dollar male baldness cure industry…

    • Mark1Mod0Squid says:

      Then why glass bedding of any other platform?

  3. scottb says:

    Just ordered mine.