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Demon Tactical Quick Pin

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


The Demon Tactical Quick Pin’s patent pending design eliminates movement between the upper and lower receiver of AR15 style firearm while also aligning the bolt carrier group with the buffer tube. The Quick Pin replaces the rear take down pin and expands inside of the upper receiver pulling it tight against the lower receiver which improves accuracy, reliability and function of the firearm.

No tools are needed to remove or install the pin once setup. Shooters can quickly remove the pin when field stripping and re-install even when wearing gloves.

Ultra Light Bipod

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

At SSD we are huge fans of those things ultralightweight and the new Ultra Light Swiveling Bipod from Demon Tactical certainly fits the bill. Norfolk, Virginia based Demon Tactical is an up and coming manufacturer of accessories for the AR-15 family of weapons as well as being a distributor for FailZero. Right up front we will tall you that the bipod probably isn’t for you if you are constantly using one, as the legs are not adjustable. However, it does swivel side to side and it is great if you only need a bipod once in awhile and want something that is lightweight and stays out of the way. It is compatible with mil std 1913 rail and takes up little room. In fact, you can still mount a vertical foregrip with it in the stowed position. At 4.5 ounces you barely know it’s there. The carbon fiber legs are very strong but the bipod is not meant to stand on. But then again, do you really need to stand on your carbine? While the legs come out of the box with a fixed length of 7″, they can be cut to suit particular needs. A word of caution, since they are crafted of carbon fiber it is best to take particular care when cutting due to the hazards involved in carbon fiber dust.

Overall, we like it and think you will as well so long as you understand that there is a trade off for the low weight; you can’t stand on it and the legs are not adjustable for length. However, if you find yourself setting your weapon down all of the time then this is a great solution.

Ultra Light Swiveling Bipod from Demon Tactical

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