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Which Family of Camo Patterns Should The US Army Choose?

Way back in April 0f 2011 we ran a rather unconventional Camo Design Contest prior to the kickoff of the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort. During the ensuing two years the Army has downselected to four commercial families of patterns and tested the heck out of them. Since the Secretary of the Army is supposed to announce their selection this Friday in celebration of the Army’s birthday, we thought it would be fun to poll our readers on which pattern they want the Army to choose. This unscientific poll will remain open until Wed evening at 2359Z so that we can announce the winner on Thursday morning, just in case it might sway the Army’s decision. Feel free to vote for your favorite and tell your friends.

Which Family of Camoflauge Patterns Should the US Army Choose?
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143 Responses to “Which Family of Camo Patterns Should The US Army Choose?”

  1. bulldog 76 says:

    kryptek FTW !!!

  2. CapnTroy says:


  3. ArmyPA says:

    Hope it’s not Kryptek; the last thing I want to do is strut around in a uniform that reminds me of a bad calculus III problem

  4. Bobb says:

    Multi-Cam, simply because they already issue it…
    But any of these pats are good

  5. Scubasteve says:

    I think there’s going to be a mix. Crye for the Transitional, and ADS for the woodland and desert. If Crye is out, then I think it’ll be ADS all the way.

    That being said, I’m personally partial to Kryptek. But this ain’t about my own likes. Also, Is Brookwood going to be the underdog that takes it all? It just seems to be the ‘Grey Man’ in this whole thing.

    Yeah, this topic keeps me up at night.

    • Tounushi says:

      Since Brookwood’s shapes are largely the same as with the old Woodland/ERDL, they might give additional nostalgia points to it.

  6. Lcon says:

    Kryptek for the win

  7. Axe1477 says:

    Is it just me or does Brookwood look like a bad water color painting? Not saying its a bad or ineffective pattern, it just doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing.

  8. William9487 says:

    I would hope that a little fiscal responsibility will prevail here. None of the patterns really did much better than the others and we all have multicam uniforms and OCIE issued to us already. I would think DA would choose Crye. But there has to be common sense involved.

  9. Doc B says:

    Anything but that Kryptek crap. Multicam’s my personal favorite, not that that matters a bit – but hey, you guys asked.

  10. Aaron says:

    I still haven’t seen the Crye pattern…

  11. Tounushi says:

    Cramer’s pattern looks most professional of the lot. So that one.
    Multicam a close second.

    Kryptek looks like something out of Crysis and Brookwood is a throwback.

  12. Will says:

    Anything but ACU!

  13. jae says:

    MC standard KRYPTEC SOF.

  14. Mike says:

    I actually like ODG’s pattern.

  15. Two-Dogs says:

    ADS got my vote, Mr. Cramer sold it well. We might all have a SWIR app on our phones in five years. Crye has a shot and makes more sense to me because it’s out there now. The other two do nothing for me at all.

  16. Max says:

    Kryptek FTW!

  17. Max says:

    SSD–is the top left photo actually Crye’s entry or is it MultiCam? (Or is MultiCam Crye’s entry?)

  18. Eric B says:

    I think they are leaning towards ADS/Cramer due to the similar geometry to the Marpat and AOR family. I do like the Crye, but that’s just me.

  19. S1 says:

    Kryptek–is that the Jurassic version? Looks like dinosaur skin. Hmm dinoskin. I should do something with that.

  20. Strike-Hold says:

    Whichever one is chosen, I bet one of the others will protest….

    • Mick says:

      Especially if it’s Crye… “They just chose them b/c there’s so much existing stuff! They ignored the science!”

  21. Emre says:

    I have doubts that Kryptek will win- though it is a novel idea that has certainly worked very well AND looks very cool, I just don’t think it can hold up to the science used by Mr. Cramer or any other pattern designer that uses software (DCS comes to mind).

  22. Pablo says:

    They wont pick Multi-Cam. They know digital pattern is the way to go

  23. Steven S says:

    Why the hell did you put a pic of US4CES-D? Please change it to a pic of US4CES-A which is actually one of the finalists.

  24. Philip says:

    I’d like to see the actual Crye patterns, since they said MultiCam was not their submission. I hope ADS wins, though.

  25. Matt says:

    Funny how everyone picks the crye patterns to win but no one knows what they look like. And krypteks color is way off, take a look at the pictures on hyperstealth facebook page were they are compared to us4ces ,multicam ,and marpat, mandrake is the only one that looks right.

  26. Stryker Magnum says:

    Brookwood. Or, as I call it, “Monet Pattern”.

  27. Jesse says:

    Someone needs to get out more. Slightly appreciate the outrage.

  28. Joe says:

    MultiCam would be the financially smarter way to go since it’s already in use, but just for cool factor, the ADS pattern looks pretty good too.

    Kryptek will only help our soldiers blend in when they’re shopping at Walmart. It’s really just hunting camo. Do we really want our soldiers to look like they bought their uniforms at Cabela’s?

    • bulldog76 says:

      of course cause the enemy is looking for soldiers not hunters ….

    • matt says:

      I agree, kryptek doesnt look anything like camo an army would wear, just doesnt look professional, and just like the poor choice of colors that brookwood has in there trans/arid patterns, krypteks dont look right either.
      I def like multicam and I am very curious to see what the crye patterns look like compared to multicam, but I have a feeling its going to be very similar, and if transitional is going to be the default uniform to be worn would you really want to be wearing a camo pattern that tons of other countries all ready use? the dif between multicam and british MTP is enough to notice pretty quickly but between multicam and the australian version forget about it

  29. Michael says:

    Kryptek is fantastic. I was skeptical until I actually saw the Highlander in action. Best pattern I have ever seen.

  30. Cory Glauner says:

    KRYPTEK for sure should win!

  31. vivien (french) says:

    I like the kryptek and ADS and if there is a winner I hope that’ll be one of those two.
    but I think that’ll be the ads that will win (because it is a digital)

  32. Mike says:

    Kryptek all the way.

  33. K' says:

    Multicam if for no other reason than the fact it’s already in use and it’s proven to work. The Army already wasted money on the OCP debacle, I think it’ll be wasteful to do 3rd reissue of uniforms so soon when something that works is already here.

    But of the patterns? Anything but the Kryptek. It doesn’t really work.

  34. Kevin G. says:

    Any of the above except the ADS US4CES. That looks like the AOR pattern with psoriasis.

  35. Shawn says:

    I think ADS has the most effective pattern, but the large amount of MultiCam OCIE in the inventory leads me to vote for Crye. I believe that if we use the pre-existing OCIE with the new uniform we could spend the remaining money on other issues, like replacing the MOLLE ruck with something that’s worth a damn.

  36. Rubicon Recon says:

    Kryptek! I have been using Kryptek since it first showed up at Cabelas, and they just keep making it better every year!

  37. dick says:


  38. Aron M. says:


    Although it would be sweet if Mathews lost camp had a desert camp pattern

  39. Rod says:

    Multicam..I’ve personally used it , it works!! If you have never served, then you wouldn’t know what the terrains look like in the countries we are in.

    Keep it simple , use the multicam!

  40. The Opener says:

    Kryptek for sure. its all about what works the best not what the public thinks looks the prettiest. shadows depth and deception. If I am choosing a pattern that will potentially save my life I want more then some blotches on material, I want Kryptek.

    Just a thought is seems that the material or quality of the pictures are different. Picture A and C seem to be on a different material and d seems to be on an even different material then the others. I hate to see it not apples to apples even if Kryptek still looks like it would work better to me.

  41. David Hughes says:


    Works awesome, and no other country uses it. Also it is local company in AK.

  42. R says:

    I like Kryptek, but I’m surprised US4CES is doing so poorly.

  43. David says:


  44. Lucky says:

    US4CES blends best, has the right geometry, and is more toward what a digital pattern should be. And it works. Kryptek is good, and I think it’s a close second, but, my money’s on US4CES

  45. Attackpilot says:

    Kryptek. Disabled vet owned/operated…research/consulting with SOF. And it looks badass. Crye is already out there, but the Brits and several other countries wear it as well. I’ve hunted in it and it works!

  46. Megan says:


  47. Ahab says:

    Why does everyone like Kryptek? I think it’s the worst of the four.

  48. Joel says:

    Kryptek is my favorite, with ADS being a close second.

    My money on the pattern the pick is probably multicam since they’ve issued so many uniforms and gear in that pattern already. If not that, I see them picking ADS to keep with the military’s digital theme, just an effective color combination this time around. I’ll be somewhat surprised if kryptek wins, it’s only chance is if it happens to be the best performer, given its very unconventional style. I don’t see brookwood having a chance at all

  49. Nikki says: