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MATBOCK Tree-GO IZLID Pouch Now Available From BE Meyers

It’s funny sometimes how things happen. A few weeks ago the guys at BE Meyers asked us if they could borrow our AN/PVS-14 from Adams Industries. Little did we know it was to make this video.

Specifically designed for JTACs by JTACs to carry B.E. Meyers & Co IZLID 1000 or Ultra, the MATBOCK Tree-GO IZLID Pouch is a great way to carry your IZLID yet place it right into action. Offered in two different styles: VELCRO (Integrated with cummerbund on plate carrier) or MOLLE. Sold with retention or without. With Retention = IZLID Pouch with RT4 Gear Keeper.

Now they are available as options for purchasers of the IZLID directly from BE Meyers.

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