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TAC-TV Examines Arsenal Firearms Miniatures


TAC-TV, hosted by Larry Vickers was recently at the world class Object indoor shooting club in Moscow where he live fired various Arsenal Firearms miniatures – 1/2 scale firearms included amongst others the 1911, M9, Desert Eagle and of course the AKM with functional suppressor and grenade launcher.


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14 Responses to “TAC-TV Examines Arsenal Firearms Miniatures”

  1. Matt says:

    Eric, you just wrote “Marry Vickers”…

  2. Hobbit says:


  3. HD says:

    What caliber are those chambered for?


  4. Deadeye says:

    1/2 scale AKM with functional suppressor & grenade launcher? Video, or it didn’t happen! That said, make them 1/4 scale, and someone’s GI Joe collection is going to get a serious upgrade.

  5. Warthog35f says:

    I call BS it would be BA though a mini ak in 22 short.

  6. bulldog76 says:

    hmmmm i wounder if they make a mini Barrett

  7. Jason Young says:

    Larry says the caliber is 3.81×19.5

  8. lev says:

    Don’t let Congress see this….they will draft a hasty Defense bill (Endorsed in a series of lengthy text messages, facebook posts and succinct, world-beating yet egalitarian tweets by our seasoned and battle-hardened National Security Team), basing reduction of combat load around an Americanized variant of this 1/2-size wpn + caliber, roll out a huge IDIQ sole-source to Colt….correction, a 2-year long fair competition aimed at downselecting the right wpn: certain spending/uncertain outcome guaranteed, resulting in a theorized rifle along w/ a half-ruck, half-grenade, half-fak, half-MBITR, etc. On the brighter side, the .5 MRE will become the latest solution for all the fat-bodies waddling around. The only problem is that somebody important mandated that all the mini-gear had to be in the same camo pattern, common to all services, and the battle began: Boehner likes FDE or “anything by that Cramer fellah” , Pelosi quickly put forward a 7900-page treatise on the cultural and tactical viability of a rainbow flecktarn, Reid woke up briefly, mumbling about something glittery and new METL’s focused on Casino Defense, Hagel [though definitely still fogging a mirror] didn’t have much in the way of a statement so McConnell and McCain, filling the void, were yelling like the two old guys on the Muppets just to keep it black, which quickly gained a ton of unwarranted traction and a huge amount of media support…..

  9. Strike-Hold! says:

    I see a you new t-shirt coming….

    “Soldier Systems Daily – we don’t always make typos, but when we do, we make memorable ones.”