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BFG Releases Hive 2.0 in New Colorway

This latest run of Hive discreet carry packs is made in Three Color Desert (with burnt orange accents). The pack is water resistant and constructed with a combination o CORDURA and Tweave fabric offering a unique look that doesn’t scream “gun!”

HIVE-2 3

The Hive was developed in conjunction with Chris Costa in order to satisfy the need for a convenient way to tote a larger handgun in the event you can’t concealed carry. When it was designed, the team also considered the use of a submachine gun. In fact, it will accommodate a folding stock UZI variants, MP7, MP5K, and B+T MP9 as well as other small SMGs.


Another main concern was easy access and the Hive offers simple, one handed retrieval. BFG added a bonus making it Dapper compatible by lining it with loop fabric so that it can be configured in a wide variety of ways. Additionally, it is ambidextrous with the shoulder strap and accessory pocket, which fits most common handguns as well as other items, can be switched from left to right. Finally, the main compartment incorporates a stiffened frame that helps protect the contents from printing as well as damage and the dual zippers can be opened one at a time or in tandem.

HIVE-2 1

Remember, the Hive is manufactured in unique batches of 300 so if you want a specific color (or one from each run) you will need to get it while it is available and the price is low. Like all things Blue Force Gear, it’s made with pride in the USA.


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13 Responses to “BFG Releases Hive 2.0 in New Colorway”

  1. Whacker-15 says:


  2. Terry says:

    It doesn’t scream “gun” but it definitely is screaming something, very loudly, although I can’t quite work out what that is.

    The retina burning orange certainly draws far too much attention and I’m not sure what the appeal of an obsolete camouflage will be either. Maybe BFG had a roll of DCU out the back that had been sitting there for years gathering dust, as well as some spare marker panels?

  3. This guy says:

    Nothing discreet about it. It begs someone to ask the question, ” What in the hell is that thing you are carrying?”.

    • SSD says:

      Ever spend time in large urban areas? You can walk around all day and no one says “boo.”

      • This guy says:

        Sure have and still do.

        • SSD says:

          Then you know nobody gives a shit what you wear or how you look. In fact, looking outlandish is camouflage in its own right. The color isn’t going to give this thing away but the Costa logo might.

  4. Tina Ingle says:

    What a versatile pack! We like the variety of carrying options and colors.
    CORDURA(R) Brand
    Account Manager

  5. JW says:

    My .02…

    Really neat bag, would totally get one for when on the bike. This colorway is definitely and odd combination, not sure I understand the bright orange with DCU. Definitely now low vis by any means seeing that it’s a very technical bag. If it was more hipster stylish it would be more stylized cut and maybe leather, etc..

    Price is also insane, this is a $140 bag tops. Then again it has the costa logo so im sure they are paying at least 20-30% license fee.

    I’ll keep an eye out for a used wolf color one

    • Haji says:

      Their price is in line with the quality and quantity of materials used, the complexity of the sewing and being American made. For smaller manufacturers, getting textiles in reasonable quantities is a difficult task. That industry is designed around hundreds or thousands of yards of material at a time. A smallish pack will use, say, 2-3 yards at a time. Finding a vendor that will sell a quantity of material small enough for a gear manufacturer to use and still keep the cost under the outrageous level isn’t easy. That all ends up having to be reflected in the cost of the product, or it can’t be offered.