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Lightfighter Adopts New Look

While the popular Lightfighter forum has received a facelift, that’s not all that has happened. Unfortunately, they were kind of forced into a change as the forum software they were using is no longer supported. So, after a bunch of research, they are upgrading to a another product by the same developer. There are a few advantages to this upgrade. For example, one new feature I like is that it is now much easier to offer a direct link to a particular post in a thread rather than just to the whole thread.


I know some folks don’t like change, especially when they have been using the same thing for many years, but there’s some great content over there. So if you’re one of the guys who is unhappy with the change, I’d say hang in there. The admins are working through the issues. If you haven’t checked it out, give it a try. Just make sure your first post is an intro.


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