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Kryptek CUTS Commando Welfare Trust Auction


Platatac is hosting a rather unusual auction on their Facebook wall. They are auctioning off one of the few CUTs combat shirts made in the Kryptek Mandrake pattern. Proceeds will benefit the Commando Welfare Trust

The copy reads.

This is an auction. Post nothing below other than the amount you are bidding in whole dollar amounts. You are expected to pay us with paypal as soon as we announce the winner. If you do not pay we will ban you from our facebook page. We will not hold, nor combine this with any other orders so don’t ask. READ THE ABOVE AND UNDERSTAND IT. You are looking at and bidding on an extremely rare, unworn and mint condition, built in Australia, Large Regular, Kryptek Mandrake PLATATAC Special Projects CUT Shirt. The reason you are bidding: All proceeds, minus postage, will go to the Australian Commando Welfare Trust. Less than 25 of the shirts have been built so far and are in very high demand. So bid strong, not only are you bidding on one bad arse shirt, your hard earned is going to an extremely worthwhile cause. Opening bid is $50.00 AUD. Auction will close NLT 1700 AEST Friday, 28/06/13. Shipping will be $16.50 AUD in the Australia and $25.00 AUD for International Bidders. Bid away and have fun.

If you’re interested, head on over to to bid.

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