SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Kryptek Merino Wool Baselayers

Even though it’s a blazing summer, these Merino Baselayers from Kryptek are worth looking at, even if in the context of Fall. They are made from 190 gsm jersey knit Merino wool, in Kryptek Highlander or Kalamata, a color similar to Foliage Green.


These are currently available for pre-order, shipping in 4-6 weeks.


3 Responses to “Kryptek Merino Wool Baselayers”

  1. Darius137 says:

    This is smart. I like it when intelligently made hunting products dip into the military world. Sometimes the military world does silly stuff like solid color T-Shirt materials *cough*Crye*couh* that are practically white, negating any camouflage.

    • Stefan S says:

      What part of baselayer don’t you understand? If its warm it could be Obama’s army pink! If you have a spastic colon then cammo would work when you drop trou!

  2. Doc B says:

    Airsoft Jammies!!