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Camo Form Sponsors the Only Tactical Hunting Show

Camo Form which is a reusable camouflage self-adhesive wrap by McNett Tactical, recently sponsored the only tactical hunting television show, “Survive the Hunt,” in an episode titled “Operation Camo Form.”


Look for Camo Form on “Survive the Hunt,” which airs on the Pursuit Channel.


Hunting mule deer is one thing; hunting mule deer using a bow with howling winds in the Sandhills of Nebraska is something entirely different. Luckily for active duty Navy SEAL, Master Chief Ron Bellan and the rest of the Reaper Outdoors team they had Camo Form® to help them accomplish their mission.

Reaper Outdoors is the team behind the hit television series, “Survive The Hunt,” the first tactical/ hunting show. Recently Camo Form by McNett® Tactical sponsored a mule deer hunt with the Reaper Team on an episode titled, “Operation Camo Form.” Despite cold, harsh and windy conditions, they managed to land a mule deer with the help of Camo Form.

“We’re wrapping anything and everything we can think of,” said Bellan. “We’re using it and have been using it for a long time. We believe in this product. It’s Reaper tested, Reaper approved.”

Camo Form is the only reusable camouflage wrap that will not leave a sticky residue when removed. Unlike camouflage tapes, Camo Form adheres to itself as it is wrapped around the object. Camo Form helps conceal weapons, blinds and outdoor gear, adds grip, quiets clanking objects and helps with noise dampening. In addition, the heavy-duty fabric can be washed and re-used many times over. With 14 traditional and digital camo patterns, Camo Form offers on-the-fly concealment no matter what the environment.

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6 Responses to “Camo Form Sponsors the Only Tactical Hunting Show”

  1. Haji says:

    Former SEAL explains the Mk3 Mod 0, probably the worst knife ever procured anywhere. They didn’t cut corners on quality, they just left the word out altogether.

  2. Doug R-02 says:

    Come check out our Website http://www.reaperoutdoors.com to learn more about the Reaper Team. We use Camoform on every hun and in everyday life. We have come up with many uses, but we want to see what you can come up with. Check out our contest to win a box of Camoform. http://www.reaperoutdoors.com/win-free-box-of-camoform/ ?

  3. Chris U5 says:

    “Camo Form is the only reusable camouflage wrap that will not leave a sticky residue when removed”

    Jack Pyke in the UK actually make the same product and while it isn’t available in all the patterns McNett produce it smells an awful lot better! Maybe it’s just me but the roll of McNett tape I bought smelled rotten, like old fish!

    The smell improved a bit over time to be fair but it isn’t something I’d like to cover a lot of my kit with.

    • SSD says:

      None of the rolls I have ever had smelled like fish. That is odd.

      • Chris U5 says:

        Maybe it was just bad luck on my part in that case, I’m willing to buy another roll to see as it is definitely something I would use.
        I did some Google research after I received my first roll though as I was really surprised about the smell and I did find similar comments on various websites regarding the smell.
        Like I said though, I’ll pick up another roll at some point and report back.

  4. Tom says:

    Great product. Chris, I think you had a fluke. I used it on my weapon and knife handle. I didn’t have that issue. It cost a lot for the roll, but it can be re-used. This I like. There is nothing out there like it that I have found. I put it on the stainless barrel of my Thompson Center. After it got wet, I took it off and hung it dry. It didn’t seem to stick as good at first, but it ended up holding just fine.
    I first seen it on the Reaper hunting shows, fixing a camera. Then I saw the commercial on another show. After trying it, pretty BAD ASS. ALSO, This is how I found this site. Love it. I will be reading all day.