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So What Exactly Has Beyond Been Up To?

I’ve had a lot of friends asking me what Beyond Clothing has been up to. They made quite the splash at Winter OR but I don’t think a lot of people got ‘it’. They didn’t show any new product and focused more on the “approach” of where they were going. But now, I think it’s going to be abundantly clear that innovation is a focal point at Beyond. They’ve taken the SOF program management model, applying it to rapidly develop clothing solutions and these two Level 3 garments that are part of their new Axios system, are classic examples of what I am talking about.

First, a word about Axios. It’s as if Beyond took the basic construct of USSOCOM’s Protective Combat Uniform, a scalable environmental clothing system, completely redesigning it, piece-by-piece. Remember, Beyond isn’t a tactical company. They are a clothing solutions company that produces niche products for the tactical space. Much of their work will exist in the outdoor market where individual customization is almost unheard of. Tactical will benefit from the lessons learned supporting a wide variety of outdoor athletes. And that is what is happening here.

Now, on to the Titan L3A Fleece and Titan L3 Modular Alpha. As you can see from the photos, both feature zip-off sleeves. This means that you can swap them from one garment to the other which is pretty cool for customization for not only the environment you’ll be in, but also your individual metabolism. Some people just run warmer than others. Not to mention, it can also be worn as a vest. Additionally, both jackets incorporate a low-profile waterproof hood that rolls up into the collar. Finally, while both offer excellent features, they are at their core, simple, lightweight garments.

L3A Fleece


The L3A Fleece in manufactured from two different Polartec Wind Pro fabrics for wear as either a mid insulation layer or as outerwear. In addition to two handwarmer pockets as well as two Napoleon-style chest pockets. The collar is also lined with gridded fleece for comfort.

L3 Modular Alpha


Years and years ago, in cold weather we used to wear field jacket liners under our BDUs. They were simple, comfortable, lightweight, packable, and warm. Quite simply, they worked. The L3 Modular Alpha reminds me of that functionality but purpose built. As one guy put it, “It’s like wearing your woobie.” It utilizes Polartec Alpha fabric that is not only warm but breathable. The lightweight face fabric is comfortable and the entire jacket stuffs into one of the two handwarmer pockets for stowage. The jacket also features two slanted chest pockets.

Beyond tells me that there may well be more sleeves produced, based on the requirements they receive from the field. This is very interesting and could result in a set of sleeves for breachers that shed sparks and splinters, or an FR sleeve or something completely different, like maybe a short sleeve. I can’t wait to see what you guys ask for from them.


Offered in sizes Small – XXLarge, the Titan L3A Fleece comes in Coyote and Black while the L3 Modular Alpha is available in Coyote, Black and MultiCam. I just want to let you know that the garments in the photos above aren’t made in the final colors, but rather are of samples. I browbeat them into photographing those at the factory last night so that I could share some great images of these jackets with you after seeing them yesterday afternoon.

I want to leave you with one final thought. These jackets can be customized for size as well if you don’t fit into the standard size table. This has always been one of Beyond’s strengths, and it remains so.

To see these and other new items, visit Beyond at Warrior Expo East, today and tomorrow. Don’t forget, the first 20 people that mention “SSD” at the BEYOND booth will receive a special gift.

3 Responses to “So What Exactly Has Beyond Been Up To?”

  1. mh says:

    That combo system is pretty cool.

  2. Captain Smoof says:

    Damn, I like the look of that L3 Modular Alpha!

    Any word on price and availability??

  3. C.ALAN says:

    I wish someone made a system like the PCU,but where you could add zip-n panels,thus allowing,depending on the size of panel/panels,one to go from a size Medium to a Large or X-Large depending on operational requirements (worn OVER chest rigs ect) and weight gain/loss.

    If the base garment had the ability via zippers or velcro to be split in half,a insert could be added to the male portion zipper on 1 side,and the female zipper on the other side,or, same with velcro, so from 1 garment,you could go from,for example, small to 2XL.

    Just a silly idea have had floating around in my head. Plenty of room in there, since my brain seems to be a XS. NOW…if you could only add memory capacity to the Human brain like you do with computers…..