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Warrior Expo – MATBOCK


The Tarsier Eclipse from MATBOCK is an easily adjustable, add-on lens for night vision systems that provides the ability to see objects at all distances without adjusting focus on the NVG tubes themselves. Back in December MATBOCK shared this new technology with us. At the time, they were a few weeks away from going live; but they just weren’t 100% satisfied with that final prototypes so they went back and redesigned their product. Now, they are satisfied with its performance and are ready to release the product.

Below is the data that Matbock collected back in November using PVS-14’s and a 5.0 megapixel point and shoot camera.

Test #1:
Urban area with a lot of lights surrounding us. The 1st picture we focused the Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) onto the corner of the house in the distance. In the 2nd picture we kept the focus at the corner of the building but then started to engage the Tarsier Eclipse, immediately the person started to come into focus.



Test #2:
Dashboards or lighted panels are a huge problem for NVGs without using the Tarsier Eclipse. In picture 1 we focused on the gazebo (maybe 150-200 yards away), and you will notice how the panel becomes “washed out” from the NVGs. In picture 2, we kept the focus on the gazebo and started to engage the Tarsier Eclipse, while you cant read the numbers or letters on the buttons you can distinguish that there are actually buttons now.

3)Test#2_Pic1_NVG Only

4)Test#2_Pic2_Tarsier Eclipse engaged

Test #3:
Rural area that had some background lights, but no direct lighting. Picture 1 we focused the goggles to the person in the distance. In picture 2 we focused the goggles on near person. Picture 3 we focused back on the person in the distance and then started to engage the Tarsier Eclipse, which allowed both objects to remain in focus for the current lighting conditions.

5)Test#3_NVG Focused on far object

6)Test#3_NVG Focused on near object

7)Test#3_Eclipse Engaged

The Tarsier Eclipse is designed to fit the following models:
AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-7B/D, ANVIS-9, AN/PVS-14, NEPVS-14, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, BNVD, BNVD-G, AN/PVS-23 (F5050YG), and M944 Pocket Scope.



11 Responses to “Warrior Expo – MATBOCK”

  1. Equipped.pl says:

    What’s the difference between those and Hoplite Focus Ring from Phokus?

    • Arrow 4 says:

      I have not played with either of the products, but I think the Hoplite only changes your focus from distance to near & vice versa, where the Tarsier puts everything in focus regardless of distance….or do I have that wrong?

    • Padawan says:

      The Hoplite has a interchangeable aperture with three sizes, but once you set it up and put it on, it only allows you to quickly switch to whichever size you picked. It’s essentially a dust cover with a hole in it. Because the Tarsier Eclipse has a camera style aperture, you can adjust it to any size on the fly.

  2. Guy Mazerolle says:

    How much ?

  3. Andrew says:

    Are there any downsides aside from the minimal addition of weight/bulk? Field of view decreased?

  4. MATBOCK_CEO says:

    MSRP – $200.00

    No loss in field of view.

  5. Paul G says:

    I think these look amazing, but it’s very hard to justify $400 for 2 of these for my BNVDs. Still very tempting though, and I’d love to have them. I’ll have to think on it for a bit….

    Regardless. Great job on the design, guys!

  6. RGR says:

    I hope all of you realize than you can simply punch a small hole in the center of your nods dust covers and it does the same exact thing….for free….

    • SSD says:

      Not exactly…

    • MATBOCK_CEO says:

      Correct and we have all done this over 10 years now; however, you will also realize that this only works when you’re in very high ambient light areas (urban on the street). Our product will allow you to open the iris to let more light into the goggle, but still retain the ability to see objects near and far at the same time. Once the iris is dialed to your lighting condition you will have “auto-focus”, so that you can look down open a door to a house and then turn around and shoot at a target couple hundred meters away. Lastly when you cut holes in your rubber caps it allows dust and debris the ability to scratch goggle lens, which are extremely expensive to replace, but also it’s time without your goggles.