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Warrior Expo – High Ground

You’re going to look at this and say, “What the heck is that?” Sure, it’s a zipper sewn to a strip of hook and strip of loop, but what does it do?


The answer is so simple that you’re going to wonder why no one has done it before. To see the answer, make the jump.

It does THIS! This is the first zipper retrofit kit for a Kangaroo pouch.


Get yours from www.HighGroundGear.com


13 Responses to “Warrior Expo – High Ground”

  1. BirkAK says:

    I’d hate to be a party pooper, but TYR Tactical already did it. Who launched the design first, TYR or HGG, I dont know…


  2. Andrew says:

    Looks like its for kangaroo pouches and they have been around for quite a while from Tyr as the Gent above me stated…

  3. firedoc says:

    I have one from Tyr Tactical. It works great. Have had it for a few months.
    Diamondback Tactical has some as well. Or they did not too long ago.

  4. Ground Pounder says:

    Diamond Back did it way before Tyr, years in fact. As have several other companies, High Grounds version looks nice and clean though.

  5. Dan says:

    I think both Diamondback and Tyr both did it before.. however this one looks more universal, as both the former were designed specifically for their own plate carriers, the diamondback one especially with its awful press studs!

  6. Sal Palma says:

    LoL You guys are on crack! But, I have to admit it is pretty ingenious.

  7. bret says:

    Guys this one is way different. The zipper on this one opens from left to right. No one has ever done that

  8. Mac says:

    Platatac did this for their SMAC plate carrier too… i was given one in 2010.

  9. Chris K. says:

    This does like different from others since it is only the top portion of the pouch versus and an entire pouch to fit in the kangaroo pocket. Lighter weight this way and thinner.