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Shepherd Stove from Hill People Gear

Evan explains the HPG Shepherd Stove. It’s a great progression of their field living system. I couldn’t believe how quickly it went together,



8 Responses to “Shepherd Stove from Hill People Gear”

  1. Ryan says:

    I want one of those for sure. HPG makes some great kit. Any idea on MSRP?

  2. HPG kicking ass again !!! Keep it up guys – remember ; fear the skull !!! And Evan no matter what anyone says – keep rocking the ponytail !!!

    LAV out !!

  3. John Arbaugh says:

    No mention of it on their site..when will it be available for sale?

  4. John Arbaugh says:

    Never mind…A little more work with a search engine brought me this:


  5. Black6ID says:

    HPG rocks it once again. Light, efficient and SHINY!

  6. CapnTroy says:

    Looks like more cool gak from Evan & Scot….woohoo!

  7. Luke says:

    not revolutionary on weight or performance, but looks way more user-friendly then most of the stoves I’ve seen.
    if they keep the price low like their other products I’ll be all over this.

    • Joe says:

      I built the initial prototype. I have used most cylinder and box stoves on the market today. This thing blows all other stoves out of the water. As an example of it’s efficiency moving heat to the stove pipe (where you want it), the packing tape i used to hold it together while riveting didnt even melt during a two hour burn. This tape was on the under side of the belly. That mens it was only millimeters from the coal bed. The air coming in kept the coals burning hot and moved that to the pipe so quick the belly didnt even get that hot. Hard to believe, i know, but it happened. I peeled it off later and was still sticky and clear throughout most of it.
      I agree on the weights too though.