HSP Announces KeyMod Thorntail

More and more customers are adopting the open source KeyMod attachment system in order to lighten their rifles. It was only a matter of time before HSP introduced a version of their popular Thorntail light mount for the KeyMod.


They’ve introduced five variants of this new model (only four are shown above) so consider which light you’re running. Take a look at this video to learn more.


3 Responses to “HSP Announces KeyMod Thorntail”

  1. Rei says:

    why do people like the keymod?
    is the keymod proven in foreign battlefields?
    Google only gives me its origins and some discussions?
    curious what everyone else thinks why keymod is a must have.

    • Padawan says:

      KeyMod is a rather new interface system that attempts to standardize the multitude of semi-proprietary rail segment attachment methods for the increasingly popular tube style forends. As I’m sure you know, weight reduction and a higher degree of modularity is generally the benefit of these systems. KeyMod is just supposed to simplify and accelerate the production of compatible peripherals/accessories.

      People are interested in KeyMod because it provides several benefits over the current standard MIL-STD-1913 rails and various other unstandardized alternatives. Proponents hope that adopting it and producing accessories for the system will lead to the widespread acceptance of KeyMod as the interface of choice. They feel that this is the future of rail interfaces. It’s too new to have been “proven in foreign battlefields.” Perhaps it will receive a military standardization and be fielded by the US Armed Forces.

      KeyMod specifically offers a relatively quick detach, strong, return-to-zero system which eliminates the excess weight of the Picatinny rails.

    • ST Doc says:

      Like Padawan said, it’s basically an attempt at replacing 1913. There are other systems on the market to do this but the rail segments and direct attach accessories are brand specific. KeyMod spec is available to all manufacturers without royalties. While not yet proven, I have seen and know some guys that have run modular handguards overseas. They work quite well.