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Caveat Emptor – Leupold Counterfeit Warning

Leupold put out a warning detailing a recent surge of counterfeit Mark 4 and Prismatic riflescopes. The scopes’ apparent origin is the People’s Republic of China, and bear many of the marks and trade dress of current Leupold & Stevens riflescopes. If a scope seems suspect, the serial number can be called in to 1-800-LEUPOLD to confirm its authenticity. The counterfeit scopes can also be identified by several characteristics not found on authentic Leupold scopes, as seen in the images below.

Counterfeit Mark 4

Counterfeit Prismatic



4 Responses to “Caveat Emptor – Leupold Counterfeit Warning”

  1. mike says:

    This reads as a “fix these things, next time you counterfeit our product” list. Sadly the only way to really know that your optic is legitimate is to buy it from the manufacturer or an authorized retailer. You can save a lot of money buying things on Amazon and eBay, but will the real deal arrive in the mail?

  2. Lev says:

    Chicoms! counterfeiters or not, why we continue to move mfg offshore and buy their junk is beyond me.

  3. This guy says:

    This is old old news. Letup old will verify a scope with pics and serial number.

  4. Haji says:

    It must be a ChiCom knock off. Only knock off guys would mount a scope to a detachable carry handle rather than the flat top of the receiver.

    Oh, no…wait….that’s something that people here do to their first AR’s, too…