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Austere Provisions Company CORE Panel – Signup Now For Stock Notification

Manufactured by Blue Force Gear exclusively for Austere Provisions Company, the CORE Panel is a PALS compatible insert for bags, packs, and anywhere else you want to carry a preconfigured panel. You simply weave your PALS equipped pouches, holsters and other gear into the CORE Panel’s MOLLEminus field. Naturally, it will accept other attachments as well. Ive been following the development of this thing for awhile and to me, the big idea here is that you can set up your gear for specific applications no slide it into a civilian or military bag.


Now, APC has the order page up and you can sign up for in stock notification. I’m pretty stoked about this thing nd have cool leather satchel that I plan on using my CORE Panel with once I get it. I’ve used APC’s stock notification in the past and it works so don’t be shy.

Manufactured from ULTRAcomp and offered in Urban Wolf Grey and MultiCam.

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