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Vacation Message

While I am out at Scout Camp this week with Tac Mite, Tactical Fanboy has been delivering the mail, and it’s seemed like Christmas season. So lets all give him a hand for making SSD happen these past (and next) few days!

Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

3 Responses to “Vacation Message”

  1. Adam says:

    Fa Rump!

  2. BradKAF308 says:

    good on ya. Why is TFB site slow to load?

  3. Rob Collins says:

    Have fun chasing those kids to merit badge classes, warding off poison ivy/homesickness/chiggers/insomnia inspired pranks!

    Good for you for going!

    (red white & blue square knot holder, can’t wait to try to give back more than it’s given to me! My boy’s 4 1/2…)