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Stratagem – TALON G36 Polymer Mag Holder

Stratagem has developed the TALON G36 polymer mag holder specifically to reduce the reloading speed and reloading cycle of the G36. It attaches to any MOLLE/PALS system using two short MALLACE clips, and can be mounted in either the up or down position. The TALON is made from a high-impact resistant polymer that provides anti-fragmentation properties. It uses a patented locking system to secure the mag until needed, and is ergonomically designed to naturally fit into the natural motion sequence of reloading. Attachment slots on the front of the holder allow for the attachment of additional modular pouches.



10 Responses to “Stratagem – TALON G36 Polymer Mag Holder”

  1. Cameron says:

    Looks awesome.

    If they made it for STANAG magazines, I’d be all over it. But the concept looks like it would only work for G36 magazines.

  2. Joe says:

    Woah! somebody just ripped off a gen 1 ITW FASTMAG pouch…. and made it fit a G36

  3. Tom says:

    Check out the RAMP (gear4grunts.com) system if you want something for stanag mags that doesn’t have rubber bands.

  4. Mohican says:

    The problem with bulky OEM G36 mags has been solved time ago by MagPul with their PMAG 30G. Use 30G mags and speed reload drastically increase and you would be able to use a whole bunch of different mag pouches in Cordura, not the Kydex ones who fit precisely the standard M4 mags.

    OEM G36 mags are shit and way expensive.

    • BS says:

      And they are nearly impossible to get in EU 🙂

    • STRATAGEM says:

      Thank you for your comment, and yes you are right the PMAG 30G made by Magpul for the G36 is quite a good choice to solve the problem of that bulky OEM G36 Mags.

      If I would have the choice, which to choose I would even go for the Magpul Mags.
      Nevertheless the most armed forces equipped with the G36 as service rifle do use the OEM G36 Magazines as they are supplied officially.
      (even for the new German Gladius program)

      In fact what we tried to do is to solve the problem most operators had and have with the OEM G36 Mags by turning the main disatvantage of the Mag (the circumferential ridge) into an advantage by using it as an „lock“ for the locking mechanism.

      For sure, you are even able to use normal cordura pouches with the 30G but non of them locks the mag by itself without the help of an additional secure mechanism, while TALON does.

      So in fact, by now it is the fastest way to holster and unholster an G36 Magazin, securely.

  5. Tom says:

    Looks interesting!

    I’m pretty sure the shooter is gsg9, which makes the vid even more interesting…

    • Anonym says:

      Why should the shooter be GSG9?
      The GSG9 is a police unit like SWAT,
      but the Background looks like it is a military shooting line (they are standadized in the Bundeswehr).
      The Pouches look great for me, I definitly give them a try. And in my opinion a standard G36 Magazine is not the biggest crap ever made: It is about 17 Years old, and for this time it´s nice to have Polymer Magazines, a See-Trough Material to see if rounds are in, the capability to stack them (no one does anymore, but it was a good idea), and they are tough – tougher than STANAG Metal Magazins. Just the outer dimensions are too big – yes, but it is like that now. Make the best you can.


  6. Lukas says:

    This can fit CZ 805 BREN magazines too 🙂