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Kitanica – Brush Pants Now Available In Black


Kitanica Brush Pants are now available in black. Manufactured from 100% Cotton Duck, these will fit in just as well at the range as they do in town or on the farm. With bartacked seams and reinforced seat, they feature 2 hip pockets, 2 rear pockets and a knife/accessory pocket on the right leg. Pay attention to the take up tabs and sizing, you may want to go down a size if you are in between.



8 Responses to “Kitanica – Brush Pants Now Available In Black”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Like the rest of their stuff, priced for Hollyweird.

    • SSD says:

      What are you talking about? These aren’t over priced. But your expectations are skewed from years of buying 6 pair of jockey shorts for $5 at a big box store. Youll pay this much or more for competitive overseas outdoor pants. There are plenty of patriotic Americans who are willing to spend a little extra for a Made in USA product. I really get sick and tired of hearing people wave the flag with one hand and yet refuse to support the very economy and citizenry they claim to cherish. Get on board America!

      • Stefan S. says:

        Seen their jacket prices? Just cause the geek on mythbusters wears one doesn’t mean I should shell out damn near 500 for a jacket. that is what I meant troop!

        • SSD says:

          Maybe if you aren’t going to purchase something you should take a nice big swig of “STFU.” It does wonders for your ego which will assuredly get trod upon when you say really stupid shit on SSD.

          You spoke about their pants. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • z0phi3l says:

            Sorry but he’s right, $99 for a pair of pants is ridiculous no matter where it’s made, let alone their exorbitant prices for their jackets

            I’m all about buying American as much as possible, but refuse to get gouged in the process

          • Artrain says:

            I have one their overshirts and it is great. Better functionality than the Tru Spec and 511 shirts I have been wearing.

  2. SSD says:

    The problem is that he is not right and doesn’t know a thing about manufacturing clothing, particularly in America. That isn’t an exorbitant price for a quality outdoor pant, particularly one made in America. And when you consider how small Kitanica is and how small their product runs are, it’s amazing they keep their prices as low as they do.

    You guys have trained yourself that American products are too expensive.

    • Artrain says:

      @SSD is spot on!
      I used to buy 511 pants but they are made overseas. The quality was fine and they were inexpensive. I have a pair of the Gen 2 pants and they are just a better pant. I am willing to pay an American company what I think is a reasonable price for a high quality product.
      I have retail clothing experience and have sew my own garments. I used to custom fit my uniforms, doing the tailoring myself. I was taught by my Mother who was a CRNA and could sew from a pattern. I understand what it takes to produce a garment and their price, for that size of a company is great.