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Danner Boots Launches National Media Campaign


Danner boots is launching a national media campaign titled “An American Tradition”. As part of this campaign, Danner has created an ad for their tactical line, featuring the Rivot tactical boot. This and other ads will be featured the on Outdoor Channel, History Channel and CarecoTV. Additionally, Danner will also featuring digital media on major hunt, military, and sports websites, in-cinemal advertisements at select military bases, targeted radio and billboard placements across the country, and ads in key hunt print media.


5 Responses to “Danner Boots Launches National Media Campaign”

  1. Lucky says:

    Right now I am wondering when they will drop the price a couple hundred bucks.

  2. Ross says:

    I quit buying danner boots. they are cheep Chinese garbage now. their quarry and super quarry boots run $250-300 dollars and could not make it though a single work season in Southeast Alaska. The soles are glued and the stitching rots out of the seams and the brass hardware is super soft and if your laces are dirty you will wear grooves into the metal. I would go through a set of laces every week.

    I buy Hoffman now. they are American made in Kellogg Idaho. They are less money and better quality. Almost a year and not a crack in the leather and all the stitching is fine. The heal is nailed on and I am still using the same laces

  3. rolf says:

    one could do a WHOLE lot worse than Danners

  4. Miguel says:

    @rolf It’s not about what could be worse, but about what’s better

  5. z0phi3l says:

    Man back in the 90’s Danner boots were worth the money, kept my feet warm in Ft. Richardson and even were useful when at Ft. Campbell too