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TEA Headsets Receives Large Order From US Army

TEA Headsets is happy to announce they have just been awarded a $2M order that covers multiple US Army EOD Units for their new INVISIO® V60 Advanced Tactical Headset System.

INVISIO V60 System

About the INVISIO® V60 System: The INVISIO® V60 greatly expands the user’s capabilities to effectively communicate on the battlefield with it’s ability to work with practically any 2-way radio, vehicle/aircraft/watercraft intercoms, mobile phones, tablets, and even computers. The system is also extremely easy to operate, simply plug it in and the system is active and ready to go.

The INVISIO® V60 system features the INVISIO® X5 dual in-ear headset which provides certified hearing protection, enhanced and amplifiable electronic hear-thru and clear speech communications using the patented in-ear bone conduction microphone.

The System includes INVISIO® X5 Headset, INVISIO® V60 Control Unit/Push-to-Talk and modular MIL-SPEC Break-Away Communication Cables for specified radios/devices.

About TEA Headsets: For almost 45 years TEA has helped set the standard in designing and providing the highest quality of tactical communication headsets and communication products to specialized teams within the military, government and law enforcement. TEA has a long proven history of providing teams within the Military and SOF community communication solutions with broad capabilities to ensure the highest level of effectiveness during missions.


One Response to “TEA Headsets Receives Large Order From US Army”

  1. ACQGuy says:

    Wish we had these for training instead of hauling the SINCGARS manpacks around, constantly breaking antennas.