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HK 30 Round Polymer Magazine

Imagine this, a 30 round magazine from HK for under $30. That’s right. They have released a polymer 30 round 5.56 magazine, designed to fit the HK416, MR556A1 and other AR-style weapons.


These translucent magazines are made from the same material used on the G36 and HK417 magazines.




8 Responses to “HK 30 Round Polymer Magazine”

  1. mike says:

    I’m pretty shocked, personally. I’d pick one up to check it out but I already stocked up on Lancer translucent AWMs. Perhaps H&K has gotten the message that $50-60 mags aren’t acceptable?

    • Bill says:

      A couple other sites have already reviewed them. They all pretty much say that these HK mags are not bad, but they are not great, especially at their price point. The consensus is that the Lancer mags are still the way to go.

  2. Juan Bravo says:

    AND the fit Perfectly into your GEN III 5.56 FASTmags! Hooyah thank you!

  3. mike says:

    WOW, now they are only twice as expensive as magpul or troy battlemags or lancers. I have a bad taste left from their metal mag that were supposed to be the shizzle, they worked great if you were a three gun comp shooter but drop them a few times on a cement floor and they’d warp and jam and become useless… My old unit traded them to anyone for standard GI mags and just refit those with anti tilt followers….

  4. veteran says:

    Still too rich for my taste… plus it’s an import. I’ll stick with US based manufacturers.

  5. How’s that SA-80 mag contract going HK? Oh, wait…

  6. peter says:

    they sell them for 20 bucks in the US and here in Germany they will cost 35 € that´s about 45 bucks!

    I hate HK for shit like this!

    Support Magpul, Magpul PMag here 20-25 € = 26 bucks!

  7. Reverend says:

    I’m still smarting at HK for it’s lack of a decent/affordable commercial product.

    They AWESOME at supplying Military, and Police!

    But… if you’re John Q Public? Overpriced, lack of decent high-cap options, and availability of parts.

    (shrugs) Just saying. That’s all.

    I DO appreciate you as SSD for alerting us! So THANK YOU for that update!