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DRIFIRE’s NAVAIR Approved Flightsuits Available Through ADS inc

DRIFIRE offers a two-piece flightsuit and combat shirt that are approved for use by NAVAIR. Designed to work together, these FR, performance garments are well suited to ground as well as air operations. I think LE organizations who face flame threats should check these out.


Like I said, these are performance FR garments. In addition to their FR properties, they are also anti-microbial and moisture wicking. As far as flight clothing go, the DRIFIRE garments fuse combat and flying features making them great options for Multi-seat aircraft such as cargo and rotary wing. Both garments are offered in Khaki as well as Sage.


DRIFIRE FR garments are available for unit and agency orders through www.adsinc.com/drifire.

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8 Responses to “DRIFIRE’s NAVAIR Approved Flightsuits Available Through ADS inc”

  1. Adam says:

    I don’t have any experience with the flight suit, but I will say, the combat shirt is one of the most well-made and carefully designed garments of it’s kind on the market. The collar design is fantastic and there are actually small built-in gel inserts at the base of the neck/top of shoulders to pad for armor or whatever LBE you might be wearing. Great shirt.

    • Shawn C says:


      I concur with your review. We feel this is a great design and has been well received in the market. The 2 pc is now available and approved in both Sage Green and Khaki. Thanks for the review!

  2. Goshawk_Driver says:

    I hope the rotary wing and non ejection seat aircraft get some good use out of these. I just saw one of the reservists in my command show up with a tan DriFire flight suit the other day, and contrary to what the ad says, they do stand out compared to the issued ones, but they look like a good alternative. Now if only us TacAir guys could get them through supply, or better yet some camouflage flight suits like some of the vets here wore in Vietnam.

  3. learner-gr says:

    For FR materials have a look at CarbonX. I bought a full suit underwear and feel a lot safer and warmer on cold days.