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Mil-Spec Monkey Logo Spotted In Call Of Duty: Ghosts Footage

This article was featured yesterday on Tactical Fanboy.

Monkey In CoD

I was watching some of the alpha multiplayer footage from Call of Duty: Ghosts and I noticed a very familiar looking logo being used as a player emblem. Specifically, it’s the Mil-Spec Monkey logo, slightly altered to include either some frost or a white beard along the chin. I contacted Monkey directly about spotting this, to get his take on its inclusion in the game. The verdict? While I wasn’t flat out told directly, it doesn’t look like its use was authorized by Monkey himself.

It can be seen in this video around the 1:30 and 1:50 marks.


9 Responses to “Mil-Spec Monkey Logo Spotted In Call Of Duty: Ghosts Footage”

  1. Palehorse1 says:

    Is this an issue of the developer/publisher infringing on intellectual property or a player uploading an avatar that infringes? Not familiar with how that game works.

  2. Adam says:

    If it is anything like the other games, there are different avatars preloaded on the game that a player can choose from.

    Since Ghosts hasn’t been released yet and won’t be until November, it would be hard for Infinity Ward to blame this on a player. Will be interesting to see how they respond.

  3. Peshawar says:

    Free advertising is a bad thing?

    • Mobious says:

      Yep, this is the first thing I’ve heard from/of the game and it’s making the rounds…

  4. WoodyTX says:

    I’m hazarding a guess that a developer inserted this, to be replaced later by corporate-approved artwork. I don’t know the current state of alpha and beta testing and trademark laws, but it wouldn’t be the first time a developer put something in that was not intended for public consumption.

  5. Mike says:

    The used the Atlas bi-pod without permission a few games ago as well. Douche bags.

  6. threeseven says:

    It’s probably player-created, it looks like it was made in the same emblem editor function that Black Ops 2 has. If they are running an open alpha there will be players who aren’t developers uploading content, if you’ve ever played Black Ops 2 you would have seen people use all kinds of copywrited logos. Atleast it isn’t a penis like 75% of the player emblems.

    • reverend says:

      Yep! I had two roomies back in the late 90’s who were “beta testers” on their own time…

      They would have a notebook, and fill it with errors, and such, but they would upload their own “characters”, and other options.

      Unless this is in the full release? I cannot see how it violated anything other than a “mother-may-I” by a developer/beta tester during a testing phase.