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TNVC Offering Gen 3 M845

Got this late last night from TNVC. Looks like a good deal.


FINALLY A Gen 3 Rifle Scope at an Affordable Price! M845 Gen 3’s are here from TNVC!
As many know, we first started selling the M845 Gen 2+ units several years ago. We were simply amazed at the performance of the initial units along with a 2MOA Red Dot was something to behold while shooting on the move. This scope remains the quickest NV scope we’ve used for shooting on the move along with being the most robust units with the housing consisting of machined aluminum and US made!.

During this time, many (and we mean many) have asked for a Gen 3 version of the M845. A whole bunch of you wanted a truly economical Gen 3 scope without breaking the bank. We listened intently and turned wishes into reality. TNVC is now releasing substantial qty’s of units with our name on them. You can be sure we paid attention to the details of these units and the QA that comes along with any gear we release.

These new Gen 3 units are utilizing L3 Commercial spec tubes. Awhile back, these systems got the reputation of being “the best bang for your resolution dollar”, and we sincerely believe the newest line up of Gen 3 M845’s will earn the same reputation.

The M845 Mk.4 2.8x is a low magnification Night Vision Rifle Scope. This awesome scope is a red dot night vision device that allows for extremely fast target acquisition especially because of the 2.8x magnification which offers a generous field of view. It utilizes a new production, U.S.-made Gen3 (L-3 Commercial Spec) Image Intensifier tube. The highly popular Gen2 version of this scope prompted a lot of customers to ask for a Gen3 version. Well, here it is. The crisp Gen3 resolution of these scopes provides generous detail for easy target acquisition. The M845 Mk.4 2.8x is one of the best options for the predator/ hog hunter. It is very intuitive, mounts to Milspec 1913 Picatinny rail, and features a robust, machined aluminum housing. Controls are simple: focus, diopter adjustment, and a single knob that controls power and red dot brightness. These are some of the best value night vision scopes on the market. And now, they are even better!


2 Responses to “TNVC Offering Gen 3 M845”

  1. Matt Smith says:

    This is an unbelievable deal. I’m glad SSD is showing affordable high tech items for the American every day working man. While $2500 is a lot of money, it is a heck of a deal considering what you will get and compared to other similar items.

    Thanks again for keeping us in mind!

  2. Well said and this is what this M845 program is all about. We’re happy to offer it especially in today’s economy. Thank you.