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Advanced Gunslinger Armament’s Hybrid Instant Transition Sling

This is a guest post from a local friend of SSD, Carlo Galinato as he discusses the HIT Sling from Advanced Gunslinger Armament, a company owned by a Navy SEAL. The market is rife with slings. They are a commodity item. I’m sure that someone is going to come long and tell us that their buddy developed a sling similar to this one. That’s ok. Your buddy didn’t invent the sling either. Some of you other guys might see this and decide it’s worth checking out.


When shopping for a sling, shooters usually choose between a single point and a two point sling, evaluating the pros and cons of each system to see which fit their needs the best. There are various hybrid slings currently on the market that allow the user to switch between a single point and a two point sling setup. Most of these hybrid slings lack the retention needed when transitioning between the two. This is where the Hybrid Instant Transition (HIT) Sling comes into play and fills that retention deficiency.

Advanced Gunslinger Armament (AGA) is a SOF Veteran owned company and is the creator of the HIT Sling. Developed through multiple deployments by a Navy SEAL, the HIT Sling has undergone various revisions and improvements to the production version you see today. The HIT Sling is the only sling on the market that allows the shooter to instantly transition from a two point sling to a single point sling all while never losing the retention of the firearm. AGA accomplishes this instant transition through the help of Blue Force Gear’s RED swivel.


I’ve taken the sling with me through a couple of carbine courses along with a dozen range visits over the last three months. The ease of carrying a carbine in two point configuration coupled with the ability to shoot freely in single point setup is quite uplifting. In the past, I primarily utilized a padded two point sling for most of the shooting that I do. Although I have not felt any difference in comfort with the HIT sling’s non-padded one inch nylon webbing, AGA has informed me that they plan on releasing a version with 1.25in or 1.5in nylon webbing for those wanting more comfort. The researching of quality components along with a test bed of SOF members has proved this sling to be a powerful contender for those wanting the best of both worlds.

Carlo Galinato
Boombot Media

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19 Responses to “Advanced Gunslinger Armament’s Hybrid Instant Transition Sling”

  1. somthing funny says:

    ” The HIT Sling is the only sling on the market that allows the shooter to instantly transition from a two point sling to a single point sling all while never losing the retention of the firearm ”

    This isn’t strictly true there are others available that do this on the market .

    • SSD says:

      And, amazingly I addressed this. Too bad you couldn’t read the whole article.

      • somthing funny says:

        Yes I read the whole article . I’m not saying my buddy came up with it before yours did ,Im just saying “only one on the market ” is a false statement to make.

        That is all .

        • AGA says:

          Please forgive the reviewer for emphasizing “…while never losing retention…” The IAS sling also has that feature. What “…the only one on the market…” is referring to is that only the HIT Sling enables an INSTANTEOUS transition from a 2 point to a 1 point sling. If you feel like doing additional research, whether internet searching or range time with a shot clock, you will find that this statement is indeed true.

          • somthing funny says:

            The british army rifle sling will also INSTANTLY tansistion from 2 to 1 at the unclipping of a single SRB .So that statement is still missleading im afraid. No range clock required.
            Im not saying its better or worse than yours mearly pointing out.

    • Shep says:

      You’re right, but SSD does cover it in the intro to the post. It might behoove the reviewer to do some research first so SSD doesn’t have to disclaimer everything though… Looks like a cool sling I’ll have to take a look.

      • Shep says:

        Ok, I have to take that part back about being cool. Lets just say its VERY similar to something out there already.

        • AGA says:

          The HIT Sling is of course similar to current slings on the market; if you look at all available slings, every single one of them is a regurgitation of two basic principles–one or two attachment points on a rifle. The only difference is material, metal vs. plastic hardware, and execution. I challenge anyone to find a sling that allows the user to transition from comfortably carrying a weapon, to instantly deploying a weapon and engaging targets…I warn you though, you won’t find any other sling that enables this. It is primarily for that reason–the INSTANT transition from 2 to 1 point–that the HIT Sling is becoming a rising success in the SOF community and is a truly unique product.

  2. Haji says:

    I’ve not seen one of these in person, and the article didn’t say specifically: it appears this is more accurately described as an adjustable 3 point to 1 point sling. Am I seeing something that isn’t there or what?

  3. Will says:

    What is the thing sticking out of the QD swivel?

  4. Brent says:

    So it is the Irene Adaptive Sling with Push Button QD? Even the video is extremely simliar to the IAS promo.

  5. Henrik says:

    Amazing I constructed an almost identical sling about a year ago. But it was just for my own usage.

    Mine was also inspired from the IAS sling. It started out from modifying the IAS as that sling was good in theory but never actually felt nice on.

  6. Jon Meyer says:

    Is essance, it is a 2 point sling as it only has 2 points of attachment but it has webbing running along the side like a 3 point. That webbing is only going to get in the way during manipulations just like a 3 point does. Solid idea but having the same big issue as a 3 point does, I don’t see anything innovative enough to toss my BFG-VCAS.

    • Jon Meyer says:

      More options are always better though and you can’t complain about quality American made products.

      • AGA says:

        Jon, excellent observations. The sling is designed for all firing/manipulating of the weapon to be done as a single point, and most standing/carrying/patrolling to be done as a 2 point. The second point also enables the built-in retention of the weapon which would otherwise be impossible. I’d gladly send you a sample to T&E for a few weeks and see how you like it. I’m confident that after you get a feel for it you might just put your VCAS on the shelf. If you’re interested please email [email protected].

        • Jon Meyer says:

          I would take you on that offer in a heart beat if I was still in the Army. I am tight on time and funds currently so I wouldn’t be able to give a true T&E. I would post this on as there are always good people who are always willing to T&E a new product. Thank you.