ADS Tactical Lighting


We collaborated with ADS to create an infographic on tactical lighting for Volume 10 of their tactical catalog. Order yours to see the entire graphic.


The goal was to classify tactical lighting into basic applications and to introduce readers to common terminology and attributes to use as selection factors.



Tactical lighting is available in several different packages including handheld, head or helmet mounted, and weapon mounted. There are also modular light packages engineered for crossover use on helmets or MOLLE vests as well as weapon mounted configurations. Light performance will differ based on these various package options.


From lamp and bulb type, to battery efficiency, lenses, and reflectivity, engineers are continuously improving the various components and attributes of tactical lighting. When selecting a light, it is best to define your requirements up front. First, consider application and the associated type of lights available, then focus on the attributes that differentiate the models in that segment.

Filters & Bulbs
Lenses & Reflectors
Battery Type
Total Cost of Ownership

-Eric Graves
A lifelong shooter and outdoorsman, Eric served in the US Army before retiring from the US Air Force after 21 years of service. After his retirement Eric also worked in industry and has served as the Editor of Soldier Systems Daily since launching the site in May of 2008.


4 Responses to “ADS Tactical Lighting”

  1. Brearly Mason says:

    Lighting played a major issue here in the Arizona desert. The militia was out on patrol and ran across the Maricopa County Sheriff. The only lights that they had were the lights on their AR’s. The Sheriff arrested them because they continually pointed their rifles at the officers. They didn’t have any other lights and instinctively kept pointing their rifles at the officers.

    Always carry a second light!

  2. Juan Bravo says:

    Might be of interest for this topic:

    The Q-RAMP can let the user mount Picatinny light systems & other accesories to MOLLE/PALS anywhere.