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DSEi – Smith Elite

What happens when you you combine the Echo and the Boogie? Why the Boogie Aviator of course! Aviators came to Smith requesting that engineer a way for them to wear the Boogie with their flight helmets. Smith took a hard look at the HGU-56/P helmet and realized the answer wasn’t a goggle but rather glasses with a goggle type seal.


The Boogie Aviator integrates two technologies. Their new slotted ventilation as well as the slotted lens technology which allows the eye pro to conform to more face shapes without optical distortion. Additionally, it helps dissipate energy across the lens rather than transmit it into the head. Additionally, as it is based on the Echo frame, swapping out lenses is as simple as opening two PivLocks. Conversely, you can adapt the Boogie Aviator lens to existing Echo and Arc frames. Finally, and most importantly for Aviators, the simple, thin temples of the Echo make donning and doffing the eye pro while wearing a helmet, a cinch.



One Response to “DSEi – Smith Elite”

  1. Chuck says:

    Looks great, but not to be found on their website (yet?).

    Also, no mention whether these will be compatible with Rx inserts or not. But that is nothing new, Smith’s website is maddeningly difficult to navigate if one is looking for specific info in that regard.

    Great products, horrible marketing to the end user.