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DSEi – UK Trade & Investment Defence and Security Organisation

The MoD posts members over to UK Trade & Investment to provide the defense industry with SMEs and support for foreign sales. They are displaying a wide variety of products at DSEi that are examples of the work conducted by this team of service members but one seems a great fit for SSD.


This Technology Demonstrator Program for Low Burden CBRN Protective Combat Clothing ensemble was developed by Bluecher consists of a separate hood, UBACS, Combat Trousers and Boots. It is compatible with the new General Service Respirator from Scott (not shown). The garment can be worn for 6 months while retaining CBRN protective characteristics in addition to FR.

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One Response to “DSEi – UK Trade & Investment Defence and Security Organisation”

  1. Michael says:

    Bluecher, famous for its CBRN suits, has also developed the clothing system of the IdZ 2 Gladius which was displayed by Rheinmetall at DSEI.