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CTOMS Canineline


Canada’s CTOMS has introduced a new line of products specifically for Canines. In addition to what you see here, they will be introducing other products.



3 Responses to “CTOMS Canineline”

  1. Corey says:

    Glad to see more and more companies getting into the K-9 gear. Both my GSP’s are very grateful!

  2. m5 says:

    “Only Available to Ship to Canadian Addresses”

    Damn. I sure would have ordered the ‘CANINE POISON/GDV TREATMENT KIT’. Considering the pharmaceutical contents, I guess the shipping restriction is necessary, but I sure am not happy with it.

    I guess I should google for some similar kits from other providers.

  3. ChrisK says:

    I dont think the restriction applies to veterinary equipment and the disclaimer is incorrect. If you’re interested, call the office and talk to Rick and he’ll hook you up. We’ll work on getting the restriction notice removed from the website.