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Liion Defense Now To Sell Floating, 2.9 Lbs DKX Max III Body Armor Plates

DXK Armor Plate

Liion Defense | Concealment & Tactical is now carrying and selling the DKX Max III Rifle Rated Armor, made by DKX Advanced Manufacturing headquartered in Bismarck, ND.

The Max III is a stand alone, NIJ Level 0101.06 certified, Level III armor ballistics plate. The plate is made of DSM Dyneema and boasts an ultra light weight of 2.9 pounds and the ability to float due to significant positive buoyancy. It has a “Multi-hit 7 Year Warranty” as well as Radio Frequency Embedded Verification (RFEV) which provides reliable part identification, life cycle and inventory management to insure the best quality armor.

“We are very excited to carry this new line of body armor for our clients and customers,said Cory Finley, one of the founders and owners of Liion Defense. “Something we are very passionate about is the protection of human life, whether it’s the man on the ground overseas defending liberty and freedom, the officer in the streets defending our homes, or the public servant aiming to protect his loved ones and friends; so adding the Max III to our line-up only made sense. We are honored to be able to provide a lighter, and superior option to the men and women who will benefit from it.”

Liion Defense is an established manufacturer and producer of concealment and tactical Kydex holsters and gear, serving military, Law Enforcement Officers, and private citizens. As of September 17th, 2013 Liion Defense will now be offering the new lightweight Max III armor plates for immediate sale and order.

DKX Max III Product Info and Specifications

-Part Number: DKX M3 SC
-Description: Stand Alone, Level III
-Plate design/Shape: Double Curve, Shooters Cut
-Ballistic Material: DSM Dyneema UHMWPE
-NIJ Level 0101.06: Level III, Certified
-Coverage Size: 10” X 12”
-Weight: 2.9 lbs
-Thinness: ~1.1”
-Side Plates: DKX M3 SP (specifications available)

Special Features

– Very light
– Polycarbonate back reduces weight and provides permanent label protection
-100% Dyneema ballistic material
-Significant positive buoyancy
-RFEV: (Radio Frequency Embedded Verification) provides reliable part identification, life cycle and inventory management
-Proprietary press and manufacturing process
-Multi-hit capable
-7 year warranty

Visit for more info or to purchase.

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7 Responses to “Liion Defense Now To Sell Floating, 2.9 Lbs DKX Max III Body Armor Plates”

  1. Agent K says:

    Awesome, Now if they could only make them in a level IV.

    • MidgasFan says:

      Have you gone to the DKX Armor website to see how they perform before commenting? As you may or may not know, body armor ratings can be quite political, like many other things, if it the goods challenge the establishment as well as the the more established companies with access to high priced lawyers. Getting a rating from the NIJ can be very, very costly and time consuming.

      There is no other armor on the market that can tick as many boxes as the DKX plates. Two of these weigh less half of one of my large ESAPI plates and will still take multiple hits… and have positive buoyancy. The same can’t be said for others.

      Looking at how much headway in the industry DKX has made in the last few years is encouraging. Seeing folks think outside the box and develop newer and better gear is what I and my others want to see! Basically what I’m trying to say, and in the most polite way possible is, don’t discount this armor based on the ratings alone. It would be like overlooking a great car because it has less power than another in its class without looking at weight, torque, grip, cost, etc.

      To anyone who may be wondering, I do not have a dog in the fight other to say I’ve done a fair bit of research for my own use and these will be the next plates I purchase based on all available info, including the great customer service provided by DKX.

      Congrats to Liion Defense!

      • bloke_from_ohio says:

        If policy says “thou shalt wear level IV plates” then you will wear plates with that rating. These plates could stop multiple hits from a 105mm cannon, but it does not have the rating it can’t be worn in many instances.

        • Agent K says:

          Exactly my point! Thank you.

        • We love all the comments and concerns about body armor, and it’s because of our care for life that we stand so firmly behind what DKX is doing, and carry their line at a great price!

          These plates meet and EXCEED NIJ standards for Level III. They will stop a 308 in it’s tracks.

          The original Level IV was a 3 and 3a used in conjunction with each other. If you use a DKX Level III and IIIa together your weight would be ~4.15 LBS and you would be looking at a width of 1.36″. That’s pretty impressive by any standards.

  2. Spec ops Bunny says:

    They are gonna track me! *puts on tin foil hat*

    • dude says:

      That’s not funny. I’m actually concerned about how the tags here are powered and if the bad guys can set up an interrogator to track our movements or provide early warning to a target site.