MDM – PROOF Research

We first met PROOF Research at SHOT Show and I’m impressed with the lower weight and improved performance exhibited by their Carbon Fiber wrapped barrels.


At Modern Day Marine they have this .50 BMG Reduced Weight Sniper System. In addition to the PROOF Research barrel with AAC brake, it incorporates a McMillan Action, Steiner 5-25×56 optic and Cadex Chassis. They’ve been able to shave about 55% on barrel weight bringing the total weight down 25.3% (37 lbs to 27 lbs 10 oz).



2 Responses to “MDM – PROOF Research”

  1. Tackleberry says:

    How do they do stringing multiple shots? What’s a ten shot group look like?

  2. Sgt. Tackleberry: No stringing. Ours is the first carbon fiber barrel that does not change POI with high-volume fire. Current offerings are rated for bolt-action and semi-automatic fire, and we’ve got full-auto prototypes in the works. Google “Carbon Fiber Barrel Wins 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge”