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HTC/Rogue Gunfighter Low Vis Demo Day – L-3 Warrior Systems Insight LWTS



The LWTS – Light Weapon Thermal Sight – is the latest thermal weapon sight from L-3 Insight Technology. It features a 640×480 17 micron uncooled micro bolometer with a 30 hertz refresh rate, compared to 340×240 found in older models. The LWTS is video capable with an output jack. It has an integrated shutter and non-uniformity calibration. Four integrated reticle patterns are boresightable to better than 1 MOA. It’s capable of 2x digital zoom, with adjustment for white or black hot thermal and contrast and saturation adjustment. The LWTS is powered by four AA batteries and is compatible with ACOG and Close Combat Optics.


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6 Responses to “HTC/Rogue Gunfighter Low Vis Demo Day – L-3 Warrior Systems Insight LWTS”

  1. Haji says:

    I don’t have a requirement for this at all…but dammit I want one.

  2. Trent Z says:

    No kidding.

  3. JMM says:

    Six15 Technologies’ Tac-Eye 2.0 and Tac-Eye See Through are compatible with this system and are great accessories for viewing thermal imagery remotely.

  4. Paradigm SRP says:

    We have been trying to order one and none of the major dealers have any information on when they will be for sale. Any update from the show on when?

  5. RockStarArtist says:

    What are we talking about price wise here? This could be really useful on a silenced sbr as part of a home defence weapon.

  6. JonnyV says:

    List price $13k