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H&K is always rolling something new out but we thought this new holster for the MP7 might pique your interest as much as it did ours.


But, let’s start with the MP7 itself. You may notice a few differences. One obvious item is the color. H&K now offers most of their models in Tan. Additionally, the MP7 now incorporates a 3-position stock rather than the old, in-or-out version. You may also notice that there is a notch in the Picatinny rail. This is for the holster and it is on either side’s rail for right or left handed use. This new Mil Std 1913 rail section is also reinforced. When mounting to the MP7 a metal insert is placed behind the barrel shroud and two additional screws are used in order to need up the rail that will bear the weight of the holstered weapon. H&K told me that they are also introducing a new forend that eliminates the fold down foregrip and instead features a removable 6 o’clock rail section.


This is the drop leg holster. It is injection molded and features three (!) leg straps for stability. The release lever at the top can be pushed forward or rearward making the holster ambidextrous. Additionally, due to the holster’s design, the weapon cannot be mounted to the holster unless it is safe or semi-auto. If the weapon’s selector lever is set to full-auto, it will not mate to the holster.


There is also a belt mounted version (not shown) as well as a vest mounted holster. As you can see, one side features PALS webbing. The magazine carrier is mounted to the vest via a PALS panel of pile tape offering more customization based on individual preference.


The vest model crosses in back like a traditional shoulder holster and attaches to the trouser belt on either side for stability.


As for the actual attachment of the MP7 to the holster; here it is, mounted. To holster the MP7, the bottom of the reinforced Picatinny rail is inserted into the recess in the holster and then it is rocked toward the holster into place so that the catch will engage. Due to this design, even with a mounted suppressor, the MP7 will still fit right to the holster.



21 Responses to “AUSA – H&K”

  1. BillC says:


  2. jack says:

    Granted, it certainly sucks to shoot a full burst of 4.6 in your own foot, but it probably sucks plenty already to shoot just one 4.6 round in there as well. What could be the reason for wanting to be able to holster a “hot” weapon, especialy in an open carry fashion?

    • Timmay says:

      That got me to wondering too…They slapped the brand on some new armored boots or what? Wait, product idea here- cerracoated stainless Picatinny mounted “spoon” like the quick draw guys use, mounts on the ‘holster’ and deflects the ND into your buddy’s foot…

    • straps says:

      Apparently it must be in “Safe” (see below)

      Also, in the design from which this mount was apparently “lifted” (or stolen–see below again), uses an RCS Vanguard to prevent NDs on SAO guns.

  3. SShink says:

    What/who are those shades on the T-1 ?

    • jbgleason says:

      I asked my POC at HK about that previously. The shades are part of the mount and that item is made exclusively for HK in Europe. Guess What???? They don’t import it and wouldn’t help me no matter how much I begged. Shocker I know.

  4. Ken says:

    Please, HK, I beg you for a civilian MP7. My sbr’d PS90 needs a friend!

    • Reverend says:

      That’s the only turn-off for me in HK… they refuse to support a commercial civillian market.

      They make GREAT stuff, but if you’re gonna act all azzhatty about the Civy’s owning your products. (shrugs) Wha’evah…

  5. TCBA_Joe says:

    Too bad we’ll never see the A5 or the can in private hands.

  6. Toby@BCT says:

    Well all I can say is that H&K will be hearing from me on patent infringement. I showed them the R2S in 2012 at the shot show and some how a year and a half later they have a system almost identical to BCT’s R2S. Only not nearly as well designed nor as flexible in its application.
    I hope readers know I am not hating but this is very suspicious is all. Well done with the new upgrades though to the MP7. Black as I have always said stands out as a fire arm too much and the new tan model is very nice.

    • your website gave me eye cancer

      • toby says:

        Well I hope your eyes recover. We pulled a lot off the website for updating. Since we are a small business and we have yet to invest in a professional. What’s more important is the product brother. Maybe I can higher the government, they have done a stand up job on Obama Care.

    • straps says:

      Wow yeah. My first thought on seeing that was that they licensed R2S.

      Far as the commentary on the web site, asked and answered.

      • Toby says:

        Ya funny huh? I have submitted product to FN, have shown H&K back at 2012 Shot Show. It was weird because I showed H&K and Surefire our patented design they seemed really interested then whammy. Now companies like S&S and another I think called tactical link. Well both are alike but this system clearly is copying. I already have a professional looking into it. I do not want to accuse some one with out being ethical. Once again Eric is all over it, GOD bless buddy.

  7. Adam says:

    Eric, last time I played with it you were unable to put it in while off safe – that includes semi. No big deal, just saying.

  8. matty says:

    Dammit I want an MP7 so bad.

  9. Alex says:

    That’s a slick holster.

    Also a bit too late on the removable foregrip, no? Wilcox beat them to it already.

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