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Platatac ALICE XL Pack Available For Pre-order


This XL version from Platatac of the venerable ALICE pack fits the issue ALICE frame which is, oddly enough, still preferred by many. The pack is offered in AUSCAM or MultiCam.

Features include:
Nine large external utility pouches with double drawstring lining and fastex clips
Large external claymore pouch
Large zippered pocket underneath
External MOLLE attachment area
Compatible with ALICE / MOLLE frames
Internal radio harness
Wide lid with internal zippered pockets
Double drawstring access to the main compartment with removable lid
Zippered sleeping bag compartment
Dual vertical and horizontal compression straps
Manufactured from 1000 denier Cordura® tactical nylon with ITW Nexus hardware
Drainage holes in bottom of pack for water ops

Also available is a complete kit that includes:
1x ALICE XL Pack 2013
1x Large Zippered Utility Pouch
1x Modular E-Tool Cover
1x Set of ALICE Straps 2013
1x U.S Issue ALICE Frame


Visit for full details.


6 Responses to “Platatac ALICE XL Pack Available For Pre-order”

  1. Doc B says:

    This is certainly a neat bag, and I can see it filling a variety of needs. That said, I think Tactical Tailor has them beat on price point. $370 gets you a multicam “Malice” pack in version 2 flavor, super straps, belt, and frame, whereas we’re scaring $800, here, for a comparable package. Unless there is an anti-gravity device in one of the pouches, I don’t understand how the very substantial difference in cost can really be justified.

    Also, At that 7 bill mark, you’re solidly in Mystery Ranch territory. I do not own one of these packs, personally, but Mystery has quite a number of diehard fans throughout the Marine Corps AND Army. I’m not certain who might be better versed in Ruckology, really.

    Anyway, nice item, to be sure. The cost, in my own opinion, though, needs to be much lower than what it is. YMMV.

    • SSD says:

      It’s A$.

    • Luke says:

      agreed. solidly in Mystery ranch or kifaru territory.
      and look at the belt, looks like it doesn’t even wrap around to the hips, I think tactical tailor has them beat on more then price.

  2. GW says:

    On that link they have a complete MC package for $670.

    • Doc B says:

      My apologies, as I read the prices underneath the photo toward the bottom, not the top as you’ve corrected me to. I still feel the overall point I was making stands, though not as severely as I’d originally though.


  3. threeseven says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this pack, primarily because it comes in Auscam. Disappointing to find out the pack straps won’t be colour matched seeing as the only reason you’d ever want to own a piece of kit in Auscam is so it doesn’t stand out from your issue kit.