CFF Introduces Force Multiplier Giveaways For Their Expeditionary Production Facility Indiegogo Campaign

KOTA Longboards carves with Combat Flip Flops from KOTA Longboards on Vimeo.

We recently mentioned the Combat Flip Flops Expeditionary Production Facility Indiegogo Campaign. Rather than hit up a bank to raise funds for this endeavor, CFF went the crowdfunding route. There are a couple of reasons they took this course of action. One is, believe it or not, because they “only need $500k”. It might sound like a lot of money but banks generally look at this amount as sitting in this deadzone below $1 Million that they won’t loan to small businesses. Often, they’ll tell you to hit up a relative. Additionally, once you read about the project, you realize that it is perfect for crowdfunding. It’s meant to help a fragile economy and that fits in that philanthropic mindset that created crowdfunding in the first place. I know many of you harbor a resentment toward Afghanistan and her people. But it’s never going to get better if some stability isn’t introduced into the mix. One way to do that is economically. That’s where this project comes in.

As for the amount of $500,000? There are folks who consider this a lot of money, and it is. And many are concerned that the amount is padded imagining some kind of wild lifestyle going on at CFF. I know these guys, despite this world traveler aura that they project, the reality is less playboy and more surf bum. If you’ve got any questions about the budget, by all means please go visit the page on Indiegogo. There is a great graphic that breaks it all down.

SOG Micron

If altruism isn’t doing it for you, CFF is introducing Force Multiplier Giveaways for their fundraising campaign and SOG Knives is their first partner. They’re donating 100 Micron knives to the campaign. Starting NOW, the next 100 donors of any value get a SOG Micron added as a perk once the project is successfully funded. How about that?

Head on over and help them out.

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4 Responses to “CFF Introduces Force Multiplier Giveaways For Their Expeditionary Production Facility Indiegogo Campaign”

  1. MRSGRIFF says:

    The Griffin girls are throwing down the gauntlet. Both just contributed $25 each from their savings. Proud.

  2. WmW says:

    I’m just going to say it, no one, and I mean no one cares about combat flip flops. No one. Period.

  3. Kaoskydexsolutions says:

    Ssshhhh…..don’t feed the troll