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ODG Introduces Camo Covers for Ops-Core Bump Shell Helmets

Orion Design Group has introduced a Ops-Core Bump Shell specific camouflage cover. These covers are now available through the website for pre order, covers will begin shipping December 1st 2013. Manufactured by LBT Inc, the covers are Berry compliant and available in MultiCam, size M/L or L/XL.

ODG Bump Cover
(Click on image to view .pdf)

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4 Responses to “ODG Introduces Camo Covers for Ops-Core Bump Shell Helmets”

  1. Good to see these hitting the market

  2. Truls says:

    Shades and NVGs… I guess the sun never sets on a badass?

  3. ODG says:

    LOL!! Nice…. those are the smith boogie goggles with the quick strap system I helped Smith Elite design. The lens tint is ignitor, and believe it or not works under NODs.