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OCP Is Dead; Long Live OCP


(US Army National Guard photo by SGT Eddie Siguenza)

According to information received by SSD, the US Army is changing the military nomenclature for Crye Precision’s MultiCam from “Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern” to a more simple, and broad “Operational Camouflage Pattern”. This means they won’t have to change much documentation describing the pattern and the new moniker will more aptly describe the pattern’s role as the Army’s principle camouflage.

45 Responses to “OCP Is Dead; Long Live OCP”

  1. Chuck says:

    At least it’s not so long winded.

  2. Ryan says:

    I got an email from my House Rep today saying that OCP WILL be phased in FY 2015.

  3. Aaron says:

    We are so dumb…these are our leaders gentlemen.

  4. HOLLYWOOD319 says:

    So, OCP for everyone…?

    • SSD says:

      If you have been keeping up with SSD then you already know the answer.

      • HOLLYWOOD319 says:

        I’ve been trying to but, let’s be honest here, the high-ups just can’t let the cat out of the bag “officially”. Really, we all just want a direct answer and a date.

        • HOLLYWOOD319 says:

          I’m not trying to be a d*ck or anything like that to you all @ SSD. I’m just saying what I’m sure the 99% of us in the Army/ military/ anyone who has been following this, is thinking.

  5. Darkstar says:

    I like multicam and have a lot of my gear in multicam. However, now we get to look JUST like everyone else (brits, aussies, and etc.) instead of choosing a better/distinct pattern that sets us apart from everyone else.

    • Mobious says:

      Wiki says there are at least 25 other nations that have been fielding Crye multicam or types of their own, it’s spreading all over and is becoming the default Military look much like woodland or OD. I do like it as well and have plenty of gear in it, or at least KH/CB to match it, but I agree that all these militaries have the same look to them and there’s less and less differentiation. Even the rest of the gear, vests, plate carriers, pouches, head gear, weapons, optics and holsters, the war economy and how everyone’s buying up what’s cool instead of making their own is very much “in” right now

  6. Doc B says:

    I do wonder when we’ll hit the “It’s actually okay to wear this stateside, now” phase, as opposed to the mandatory date.

  7. This guy says:

    The go ahead to wear it sure would make a nice Christmas present.

  8. Doc Rob says:

    Ok so next we need Mayflower APC’s in OCP, with some OPs Core in OCP, plus a 6 mag variation of Haley Strategic D3C in OCP and finally some Mystery Ranch 3DAP in OCP. Oh wait that will never happen…..DAMMIT

    • BigD says:

      Actually, the Ranch has been offering OCP as a 3DAP colorway since before it was OCP…..because sometimes the right thing to do is obvious.

  9. Ric says:

    Nevermind the OCP argument! I’m just happy to see a fellow soldier and Guamanian in this pic! BIBA GUAHAN!!!

  10. cimg says:

    off topic, but I like the Guam Guard Patch in the pic.

  11. Lawrence says:

    Gascans and no gloves.

  12. Matt says:

    I wonder if the ‘new’ OCP will be Crye’s Phase IV transitional pattern rumoured to be so similar to the current OCP? Guy Cramer’s already demonstrated that Multicam’s colours have been tweaked once, so why not discreetly phase in the most up to date Crye offering, especially if–as reported earlier–the Army retains the option of picking up their Phase IV desert and woodland variants.

    The Brits used to update the colouration of DPM every so often; I’d be surprised if the US Army couldn’t do the same if they saw fit.

    I know this may strike some as an overly optimistic interpretation but still…stranger things have happened.

    • SSD says:

      As we have posted more than once the Army has purchased a license from Crye Precision for use of the OCP/MultiCam pattern. The Army cannot begin to use any phase IV patterns without selecting and announcing a winner.

  13. GW says:

    TT is poised to provide the market with a ton of MC/OCP products.
    Thanks SSD for organizing the scuttlebutt.

  14. Zach says:

    Anyone else ever think that if we get into a war on this continent our soldiers will be trying to find ways to darken their camo or change it. Similar but not the same as several photos I’ve seen of WWll soldiers reversing jackets to not be spotted so easily. I guess having pals will really come in handy, because you can just ghillie yourself at least a bit. I know many will comment on yesterdays thread or the fact that OCP is okay in urban or some environments, but lets face it, this pattern is way too light.

    • Angry Misha says:

      You do realize that the Phase IV effort included THREE patterns submissons (Arid, Transitional, Woodland) to adopt a FAMILY of patterns, don’t you???

      I mean, it’s only been on this site about a BAZILLION times.

      Then again, you could be “speshul” and reading comprehension is not your strong suite.

      So to bring you up to speed, Transitional Pattern (or I guess what were now calling “OCP” that is replaceing “OCP” which was known as “Multicam” and in a previous life as “Scorpian”) will be issued to everone and the Arid and Woodland patterns will be issued as required by the operational area (Talk to a grown up about the days of woodland and desert camouflage)

      • Canadian says:

        Funny how you are being insulting- and yet are wrong.
        They have not announced a winner, and have NOT asked to license the transitional patterns- ONLY the current pattern, now called “OCP”.

        Don’t be an ass, and check your own information.

        • Angry Misha says:

          I’m not wrong, it’s called “deductive reasoning” or “Occam’s Razor”. And as such, it’s what allowed most people with critical thinking skills to ascertain that Crye was selected months ago when the Army had announced that they’d made a selection, coupled with Guy Cramer’s incessant whining about how GREAT US4CES was compared to all the others obviously meant that his phone didn’t ring. And out of the remaining three, one was a definite “hell no”, the other might as well have been woodland, eg “no” and the final was being already used (winner winner chicken dinner). Then the SMA spilt the beans followed by a plethora of people from PM-SCIE at AUSA to industry. So, everyone “KNOWS” that OCP is the “Transitional” pattern, and everyone “KNOWS” that there is “FAMILY OF PATTERNS”. Unless you’re trying to make Guy Cramer feel like he still has a shot to see his stuff used in the arid and woodland areas, you KNOW what the answer is

          • Sal says:

            No one knows whether phase IV is even in contention at is point. Using Army logic, they could’ve very well just decided to buy the rights to multicam only.

          • Canadian says:

            Again, your “deductive reasoning” doesn’t follow the publicly posted information- either on THIS WEBSITE or anywhere else. NONE of the phase IV competitor’s phones rang. Again, ALL the information the US Government has put out is for the current multicam, not for any transitional patterns or phase IV tests.

            Secondly, your first post was about how the above poster had issues with “reading comprehension”, and now you are justifying YOUR inaccuracy with “deductive reasoning”. You are an idiot- last time I’ll check this page, you are a genuine oxygen thief.

            • Angry Misha says:

              It’s pointless. You two are most likely federal employees

              • Lucky says:

                Calm your tits. As a serving Soldier, and having just come off a weekend Range, I will say that this was the topic of conversation… Soldiers LOVE the idea, and want the damned Multicam’s to be phased in!

  15. Sal says:


    Is it confirmed that the Army will use Crye’s woodland and desert patterns as well?

  16. DBACK says:

    Thanks SSD for keeping this information coming. Hilarious that I’ve been following this topic for nearly 2 years only for it to result in exactly (or with very little difference). Been pretty fun watching it unfold though. I’ll just be waiting for 2017 where all branches will be required to have the same camouflage….and we’ll go through 2 more years!

  17. steven s says:

    SSD, once the camo war is done. You should make a really long and detail review of the whole venture. List all of the events starting from the beginning and show a long list of links to every SSD post related to the camo war.

  18. hodge175 says:

    I am still confused by this mess as I was a year ago

  19. Deadeye says:

    Now onto 2017-18….repeat this DOD wide, or look for “the new hotness”?

    • SSD says:

      That’s the real question.

      • DBACK says:

        It’ll happen. it’s easy to cut military spending in clothing…to any one on the outside it seems silly that we have difference in military uniforms…they don’t understand pride in branch. Sooooo yes one uniform I think will definitely be happening.

  20. Brandon says:

    The entire Phase IV effort seems to have been a controlled scientific experiment and selection process that instead resulted in a political decision to go the course of least resistance. Sticking with UCP was off the table. Going to Phase IV in an era of quarterly budgets, sequestration, and public pillory for ever nickel of Army expenditure was perceived as too much political risk. So, continuing with Murtha-flage was the result. It was a bunt to get to first base instead of a PH IV swing for the fences. Is OCP better than UCP? Yep. Will it really be cheaper than PH IV? Probably not. Money’s long spent on research and textile products are ephemeral. But now Mother Green can score some cheap “reduce reuse recycle” points with a Congress and public that seem largely hostile to the DoD as a whole. Everyone loves the basic “A-Team” plot of “go in too cocky, get ass kicked, regroup, improvise, triumph”

  21. Zach says:

    Canadian, thank you for correcly defending me from a child that has not yet figured out that our army will get one pattern and almost certainly not a family of them. I read this site daily and understand reality well.

    • Angry Misha says:

      Pfft, I won’t say “I told you so”.
      But here you go Leg

      You won’t see the other patterns outside of this site or buying them yourself.

      However, those who “require it” will.

      If you and your Canuck compadre think for one moment the Army is going down the same rabbit hole as UCP, we’re lucky that you’re not assigned to a position of responsibility.

      Mouth breathers

      • Lucky says:

        Again, calm your tits, Dope on a Rope. No need to go all Fobbit on the lad. He and our Canukistani compadre are correct, you are wrong as two rats screwing in a sweaty gym sock, and compounding your wrong by being a weapons grade assclown. Its ok, its ok, go back to your airsoft club while the adults talk.