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Coming 11/25/2013 – MultiCam Black


Coming 11/25/2013

A New Law Enforcement Pattern


With Finished Goods Available Through

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25 Responses to “Coming 11/25/2013 – MultiCam Black”

  1. MKEOD says:

    Dark Black? Slightly Darker Black? Did Crye reinvent the Tactical Turtleneck?

    Seriously, though, I can’t help but wonder at “law enforcement camouflage”. A local SWAT team is decked out in head-to-toe Multicam. You know, except for their vests, helmets, knee pads, and weapons, which were all black.

    Aside from that though, you’d never be able to see them coming when they roll up in their big blue truck with a wailing siren, reflective markings, and red & blue lights. LOL

    Having been on the acquisitions side of things, I’ve seen how much stuff can get purchased because the guy with the government credit card thinks it looks cool. I suspect that’s the motivating factor behind more than a few law enforcement purchases of camouflage clothing and equipment.

    But good on Crye. They continue to make good stuff, and give their customers what they want.

    • Bman says:

      I agree that a black pattern might be more tacti-cool than anything. There are some agencies who are downright against letting their team wear something that resembles any connection to the military. NYPD and LAPD seem to be like this with their blue gear. They are also much more urban so I don’t see the camo helping them. In rural areas, I have seen camo used often and for good reason as many approaches are done on foot and tracking operations are almost always in wooded area.

  2. cimg says:

    I thought the new black was grey? I guess MC will do, or better yet, the industry should unload all the UCP stuff on the LEO’s!

  3. Matt says:

    One way of differentiating LE from Mil. Wonder if Fed. LE will go for these?

  4. this is about the most useless pattern I have ever seen. What is sad is that all the Crye babies out there will aimlessly follow the trend like brainless zombies and go out and buy tons of it, I’, sure. Any need for urban uniforms has already been answered by black, grey, digital urban and A-TACS LE

  5. AMMOkan says:

    I think its more about intimidation, silhouette break up, and recognition, not real concealment. Since most LE kit is black this would work well with it.

    Companies have to make money, and Crye is doing just that by branching out.

    Why all the hate though?

  6. Bman says:

    I am glad to see so many comments focused on the usefulness of the camo rather than whining about the police becoming more “militarized” because of camo. Guess those people never heard of concealment on dismounted approaches. Just because you wear a badge doesn’t mean you throw concealment out the window when it matters most. There isn’t agency in the U.S. that hasn’t already restricted camo to specific units and operations so stop whining.

  7. SSD says:

    I appreciate everyone’s empassioned replies but we need to keep this on track.

    Thanks guys!

    • Eric B says:

      Got it. Apologies for taking such a hard tack away from a simple announcement about camo.

      I’ll check it out when it reaches my nearby cop shop and then form an opinion.

    • Bman says:

      Good on you.

      • Bradkaf308 says:

        You want to bitch about useless camo? Lets talk Non-SF Navys and Air Forces. There is a camo joke.

        • AMMOkan says:

          The purpose behind the NWUs is to be a maintenance uniform. The pattern helps hide stains better than the uniform sailors used to wear.

          ABU is just dumb though, not even able to be explained.

  8. Dave says:

    Are the colors/pattern in the graphic above the actual pattern in question?

  9. Hue says:

    I’ll stick with Wolf Grey for assaulters and MultiCam or whatever works for snipers, thank you very much.

    • Matt says:

      If anyone made wolf grey uniforms I could see that.

      • SSD says:

        Anyone? Where did Wolf Grey come from?

        • Cameron says:

          It’s origins are pretty interesting. A lot of it started with SEAL drysuits that were made in a specialty grey / green by Kokatat to make it less obvious that they were there. Blends in a little bit better than a tar-black drysuit, no? (Fun fact, AOR2 blends with Seaweed really well!)

          (Keep in mind this is me attempting to fill in some of the blanks logically, based on what I’ve seen in gear trends and photos, so if any of this is incorrect feel free to call me out.)

          From what I understand, it appears that a certain group needed plate carriers in this color for use during ship operations- LBT was assumingly contacted, along with ADS (who provided support with color), and they created a grey that would eventually be dubbed MAS (Maritime Assault System). LBT then made the 6094UW in MAS Grey, with some pouches. Then, Bluewater Defense was contracted out to make MAS Grey combat sets for shipborne operations. Along with that, Ops-Core was also asked to create roughly 500 Carbon helmets in the MAS Grey color.

          Anyways, a few guys on eBay found out that you could buy this commercially no problem, and proceeded to buy up large amounts of it, then flip it on eBay for large sums of profit. When LBT caught wind of this, they declined the sale of MAS Grey to civilians for a while. After that settled down, you can freely get it from LBT now, and you can get pretty much anything in MAS Grey if you search hard enough.

          A lot of companies saw this and hopped on the bandwagon, and now we have Wolf Grey, Alpha Grey, Urban Grey, and MAS Grey.

          • jack says:

            Dude that was a rhetorical question. Wolf comes from Arc’teryx, which kinda makes garments (including combat uniforms) for a living.

        • Matt says:

          I meant high-quality grey uniform items are hard to come by. Much more so than black MultiCam is about to be.

  10. Rob says:

    Intimidation. Not your friendly keystone cop.

    • JDT says:

      Hmmm… Good point. My Class As do look like an SS uniform. I better start wearing my Class B, Officer Feel-Good clown suit. Complete with squeaky nose and big floppy jackboots. That’ll spread goodwill with my fellow civilians.

      On topic, the “black” pattern looks interesting but it is hard to judge how viable it is without seeing operational images of the pattern actually in use. And since I work in a rural area, original Multicam will continue to suffice for the rare occasion that it’s useful to me.

      • Eric B says:

        Like that Class A bit! We work in multiple environments and have experimented with a variety of issued uniforms: Black, woodland, DCU, urban digital (a short affair), UCP (even shorter), and finally Multicam. We have managed to pare operational uniforms down to Multicam for all areas, most notably for cost and simplicity. It was crazy to see guys trying to mix and match equipment and patterns based on what they could find in the back of their cars (eye roll). Like so many pictures of deployed guys wearing a woodland vest over a set of DCUs, but our problem was knuckleheads losing matching kit! I still see the value of the various types of camo/non-camo uniforms and I hope this new pattern in action. With so many tac teams in Multicam or similar, I wonder how long before this new pattern will get traction?

  11. mike says:

    selecting pre-order quantities for this was difficult because we have no idea how the market will actually react. I have a lot of people asking me about it, but most of them say they will wait for the pattern to come to them in Crye G3 uniform pieces. It’ll be cool to have the pattern before most people but I have no idea how people will take to having it in TRU gear first thing. I’m going to buy one of the ballcaps at least 😉