Arc’teryx LEAF Softshells

Arc’teryx LEAF offers several softshell jacket options. There’s the Combat Jacket, Minotaur, Drac and the old classic, the Bravo Jacket. Each is different in order to suit different needs.

Combat Jacket

Tweave® Durastretch® fabric
Features a heavy softshell and can be used as an alternative to a Level 5 jacket
Two zippered hand pockets, Two chest pockets with laminated zippers and Two sleeve pockets with Velcro® patches on sleeves as well as Pit Zips
Available in Crocodile and MultiCam

Minotaur Jacket

Features sightly insulated WINDSTOPPER® fabric
Incorporates Two high-volume hand pockets with zips, Two sleeve pockets with Velcro® patches on sleeves and Pit Zips
Available in Crocodile and Wolf Grey

Drac Jacket

Features Burly™ Double Weave
Two zippered hand pockets and Two sleeve pockets with Velcro® patches on sleeves as well as Pit Zips
Larger waist for layering
Available in Crocodile and Wolf Grey

Bravo Jacket

This the original LEAF softshell, it features a clean look
Featuring Fortius 3.0™ stretch softshell
Internal chest pocket and Two high-volume hand pockets with zips
Available in Black, Crocodile and Wolf Grey

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7 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF Softshells”

  1. Molon Labe says:

    Still do not want to spend a truck payment on a softshell!

  2. SSD says:

    You don’t have to. There are plenty of units that issue them.

  3. Alex says:

    Unfortunately I can’t justify £275.00 for a jacket that I’d be wearing in the field, in arduous conditions (where there’s a good chance it’ll get damaged) and will most likely end up covered in cam cream.

    What do you get for the money that makes it worth the price? It seems out of the range of the average soldier.

  4. Shaun says:

    My question is for layering, how do you know which of these are meant to be layered with other products? Other brands will tell you what it’s compatible with but it’s hard to find with Arc’Teryx.

    • SSD says:

      They are softshells, shell being the critical part of the word. They can be worn over base layers and if needed a level 9 (combat uniform). They aren’t cut to wear over an insulation layer like a puffy piece. Conversely, you could wear it under another layer but not sure why you’d want to.

  5. Shaun says:

    Was thinking of building a hard wheel, soft shell layer jacket, kind of like what you get with the NorthFace or Marmot jackets. My first winter in the northeast and never seen zero degree temps before and trying to prepare

    • Chris says:

      Hi Shaun,

      Grab yourself an Arc’teryx Atom LT and Alpha LT for the Northeast. You’ll have your bases covered. Neither are softshells, but trust me. If you want a softshell, snag the Drak Jacket. If it’s really cold, you can layer the Atom LT under it without compressing its insulation or restricting your range of motion.