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Regulated Emission Collimated Ocular Interruption Laser from BE Meyers

The GLARE Regulated Emission Collimated Ocular Interruption Laser (RECOIL) is BE Meyers’ entry for the Marine Corps’ Ocular Interrupter Program, a weapon borne non-lethal laser that delivers a bright beam of light that produces a dazzling or glare effect on a closing target to warn and/or suppress potential threats through increasing levels of visual degradation.


It features constant EyeSafe technology that delivers the precise amount of laser light to the target no matter if they are as close as 0 meters or as far out as 2,000 meters. That right amount is as determined by the standard irradiance guidelines established by US Navy S&T. It does this by determining the distance to the target and raising or lowering the irradiance (power of the beam) based on that distance. This means constant maximum allowable power on target and constant safe power and target.


If you are familiar with other Escalation Of Force devices you know that they are long and resemble a light saber. Some of these are difficult to adapt to a weapon. The GLARE RECOIL is Mil Std 1913 compatible with a built-in throw lever attachment and is rectangular with a similar size to an AN/PEQ-15. It is powered by 3 x CR123A batteries. The thing that I was most excited about was the new cover. You may notice in the top photo the rectangular lens. The cover rotates 360 degrees and can be lowered into place to protect the lens or spun up and out of the way for use. It has small detent stops so it will not spin uncontrolled. I really like the aesthetic and it gives the device a smooth look.


While it was developed to support the USMC JNLWD Ocular Interrupter Program, GLARE RECOIL is based on proven technology already fielded in over 35,000 EoF products. What’s more, it’s available now for for sale to approved US entities (i.e. DoD) per DoD and/or FDA regulations), or to an approved foreign entity per DoS/DTSA regulations.


3 Responses to “Regulated Emission Collimated Ocular Interruption Laser from BE Meyers”

  1. defensor fortisimo says:

    All well and good, but this article fails to answer the pressing question of anyone who has ever played around with a dazzler, can you light a cigarette with it?

  2. Molon Labe says:

    But the military is talking cutting benefits. No common sense.

  3. Agent K says:

    If the laser doesn’t deescalate the situation pointing the weapon at the person should…